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Much more public, right? When you talk about cryptocurrency and we're about to talk about it, I can feel it. But crypto is so religious. Everyone's religious about Bitcoin and everyone's religious about H bar Andrew and I are part of the founding team of age bar and these H Barbarians, you know, if we do something positive, they're happy. If you do something negative that they don't like, they chew you out. And I needed some I really needed to prioritize my mental health. So I started seeing this performance coach who also is a doctor. He's a psychologist. And honestly, two sessions a week has gotten me over those mental hurdles, gets me, make sure that I'm anchored and know what, why am I waking up at four 45? Why am I still building even with multiple exits, even with success? I'm very fortunate to be at this level where I've attained that financial freedom, Andrew, as well. But what continues to drive you, I think, is so important to know what those answers are. So my two things are have someone to talk to, a medical professional that can help diagnose me, keep me hungry, can help tell me why is this behavior self sabotage or can help me correct that? And just getting up in the morning, that four 45 wake up just anchors me, I can start my day react proactive instead of reactive because from 8 30, a CEO of a publicly traded company, my phone starts blowing up with fires that I got to start putting out. In fact, I don't even like to call myself CEO. I'm a firefighter. I just put out fires all day long. So yeah, those are my two things. So you guys are obviously optimized. I feel like we could probably talk about your respective protocols until we're blue in the face. And I would encourage you because you already mentioned a few things that you could send over to me that I can feature in the show notes, which are going to be at Ben Greenfield fitness dot com. Ben Greenfield life dot com. There I go again, Ben Greenfield life dot com slash NFT podcast. I'm going to link to anything.

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