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Got a great show this week. We have Jason McCourty from the NFL network's good morning football first time he's on the SI media podcast and we talk about his first year good morning football and replacing Nate burleson and he gets into some stories when he played for the Patriots, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, a little NFL playoff talks, and overall career sort of interview and play a football interview with Jason. And then following mccordy, we have for our weekly train of thought segment, a bunch of topics this week that Sal and I got into Scott Roland making the Hall of Fame, Shannon Sharpe, a Tom Brady, and a lot of bedding talk for the AFC and NFC title games, also some movie soundtrack talks, some rocky talk. So a lot of topics covered with both Jason and Sal. So hopefully you enjoy it. If you do leave a review on Apple, and if you're not a subscriber to the SI media podcast, hit the subscribe button and make sure you check out past episodes if you missed any. Chris long was on the podcast last week. Tri Aikman two weeks ago, Jim Miller three weeks ago, and at the end of the year, we had some here in review episodes with Peter schrager, Andrew perloff and Brian Curtis. All right, let's get to this week's show, Jason McCourty from good morning football followed by train of thoughts and our weekly, I'm just gonna pick that up right here. Because I said the wrong thing. All right, let's get to this week's episode. Jason McCourty from good morning football followed by Sal hakata and our weekly train of thought segment all right here. On the SI media podcast. All right, joining me now from good morning, football, former Super Bowl champion, played in the league for many seasons. Jason McCourty, Jason. How's it going? Going well, thanks for having me. I appreciate it. My pleasure. I'm a big fan of good morning football and you've been a great addition to the show, so I thank you for coming on. I appreciate that. I appreciate mission as well, has been a lot of fun. It's kind of been a whirlwind of these last few months retiring and going right into the show. Give me a little give me a little recap and taste of what your first full season on good morning football has been like for you. I'll start, I'll say it's a growing up every morning at least by 5 a.m. to get into the city where obviously we do a live taping of the show 7 to ten, I guess what I've been surprised about is how much fun we have throughout those three hours that we're on the air, whether it's in the commercial breaks of laughing or just things that happen throughout the course of the show that we maybe didn't expect. I didn't know what to think going in. I think when you have three co hosts that are so much fun and we all get along well, you're able to really enjoy talking football. I thought I was retiring, but having another job. This is just as much of a grind during the season as it was playing. I've become tight with Kyle and Trey grow over the years. And when the show first started, and I first got to know them. I probably annoyed them to know I'm about the hours. I was always fascinated. I'd be like, Kyle, what do you wake up? And I know he says the car comes and, you know, what fascinates me about the gig you guys have? Is that on Sundays and Mondays? And Thursdays, this games that go on until 11 o'clock midnight and you are on the air at 7 in the morning and you know it blows me away that you gotta try to watch the game and then be on the air a few hours after it's over. That's the toughest thing and you kind of enjoy now this would be championship week and or even last week and during the divisionals because you get to go to bed a little earlier that last game started at 6 30 on Sunday I was thankful for that because by the time I finished the game I sat with enough time to get enough sleep to wake up but that is the hardest part. Those Thursday night games, especially someone who's games throughout the year just like you're watching and the score is three to 6 and a fourth quarter and it's just a brutal watch at time. Nope, I gotta stay up. I gotta talk about this game tomorrow. So it's definitely 100% grind, but I will say everybody behind the scenes on the show tries to make it as seamless as possible. We do our morning start production so when we're talking about it in the car ride into the city and then we do a quick 15 minutes zone call after so they make it as easy as possible for us to be able to get on and get out and actually have a good product and we're putting on it every day. How long would you say it took you to sort of get used to the schedule and the grind from week one when you get those initial the Monday night games that Thursday night games did it take you a little while to get used to this schedule or do you sort of never get used to it? What's that been like? It definitely took a while. I think even before the game started starting to show in the summer, it took at least probably about a month to two months. Just getting used to waking up that early and having to go to work. I come home and the kids want to play. I'm just I'm a zombie walking around the house in a bad mood. It's like those old Snickers commercials where you're hungry and you're just snapping at everybody. So I had to figure out I'm not an early sleeper. So I had to figure that schedule out. And then once the game started, I was thinking probably the most difficult thing for me came on Sundays where I'm used to playing or focusing on whatever one game I was preparing for. Now it's just like Sunday comes and you're trying your hardest to watch every single game at the same time knowing those kind of prime time matchup it may spend a little bit more time on those game versus other games or that was the toughest challenge. I've never done that as a fan of truly sit down and just enjoy watching football and getting into all the teams of Ross was in all of that. It took a while of just I would have on the TV screen, I'd have games going on, the kind of four box going on didn't have red zone on an iPad, another game on the laptop. So it's a whole production come Sunday. Yeah. I always watch games like that and then I got rid of direct TV and I couldn't I can't wait to do it again with whatever YouTube or whatever because I got really good at watching multiple games. You know, this is what I found from one to one 30. It's crazy. But then by one 30, you could sort of weed out a game or two and then it becomes a little easier to focus on multiple games. Exactly. And then the longer to show when I started to get I started to understand that of getting an idea. We're going to talk about this game more than that game. And then just understanding TV where you do a show and each hour is kind of its own individual. So and then you have the show open and we go by blocks so you have the a blog B block through E and then realizing that, hey, by the time we get to the end of the show the Bella segments only a few minutes, you don't need to empty the bag and do a ton of research on whatever we're talking about the topic in that last segment because you could probably have 45 seconds to talk. So figuring out all the old things we laughed about it when I started to show certain terms would be used while there were strengths or college or Jamie to all producers and all that and I'd be sitting I have no idea what you guys are talking about just from not having that TV experience so everybody has done a good job of bringing me up to speed and being patient with yeah. And you came in and filled the seat that was occupied by Nate barlos and for many years before Nate went over to CBS mornings and Nate was very popular on the show. Did you feel any pressure in replacing Nate or was it just you felt pressure just because you're doing TV? You've never done it. Like you said it's a grind Monday through Friday. Was the Nate thing a factor as well in terms of maybe nerves or pressure

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