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A commercial on tv i find myself looking for all of the colors if you know what i mean there's like is there an asian is there a black is there a little tino and i don't consider myself to be liberal or even on the left but i find myself starting to look for things like that and it's a terrible thing i think it is it is it is because the assumption is that there is some kind of profound difference now we all have different history and one of the points that you didn't make yvonne but i will make it uh is that you came here uh fleeing uh one of the great genocides of recent years uh which occurred right next door to vietnam in cambodia and there were over a million and a half vietnamese people who were imprisoned in reeducation camps and i assume that your parents like um most vietnamese refugees to the united states came here leaving almost everything behind with almost nothing to start off again in america ornery encore we had not group arnon kalladi wires the a great country would give us the opportunity to work hard and to earn whatever we we earn and keep whatever we can ari and that's the american spirit that any energy is and and again you and i both its function of refugees uh being born in america for me a you you coming to america from vietnam it's the greatest blessing imaginable would be right back on the michael medved.

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