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The right choice, and know what's below. This has been a really good first half for this Indiana team at both ends shooting really close to fifty percent from the field. Hoosiers have knocked down three threes, which has really been a struggle in the last six ball games for this team is shooting three point shot and they played really well defensively still own Rutgers under forty percent shooting from the field. One thing that starting tomorrow me here a little bit is the offense from Rutgers Inca spark board is Indiana's with a little bit of foul. Trouble right now, they've got close this half off on the right foot. Here continue the momentum going in the second half. It would be just a shame for Indiana who has played really well here for the first sixteen minutes instant change here in this first half ended on a sour note. I think he got continue to push here continued to be aggressive at both ends. And try to extend this. Lease owning the second half. Get a C Durham Langford and clipboard come back onto the floor for a completely different front line that we've ever seen so far this season. But Archie having to pull those strings tonight because of injuries and shorthand miss basketball team. Rob fantasy will end Batty finds clip more with a past. He bats us to Romeo. Langford Yadav against Harper drives right kicks in the quarter to the Durham for a three five. It's partially deflected. Tipped out by cliff? More into the hands Arroyo Langford. He let's go at eighteen footer. It won't go. Rebound comes to Harper back. The other way. Here comes GIO Baker with a ball baller. Rod for Rutgers to Harper. Harper. Turns around clears it back breaker Baker starts at right splits. The defenders throws it out the Harper for a three its way off the Mark. And Rubio's got the rebound backups. Indiana, Romeo finds Durham on the left side Durham to the top gives it outside the Pfitzner Bester fakes the hand off and gifts to Romeo Langford tries to drive it. He almost lost it he does. And there's a foul called. They're gonna call reaching there on Rury that could have been jump all their Romeo. Drove right into traffic. That's a tough thing and play their love it that goes Indiana's favorite. Here is going to be in the bonus here shooting from the free throw line to the free throw line here much here. The last several minutes of this first half be nice here. Indiana who has slowed down a little bit offensively here to try to get some free points from the stripe. So Rubio Lankford with eight points in this ball game. One of those coming from the stripe. He fires up this one. And it is rattled around it. No good. Rebound comes off to Harper. Here comes Rutgers attack Harper across the timeline slows works to the left gives geo Baker Baker gives it off to Mathis as they weave it out. Brought now off the he beholds against fister turns round facism gives the past Marcus Mathes looks inside for all Moroi puts it up missiles shot whistle blows polish. Call. And this was going to be nailed clip more. That'll be his second. Every frontline player that Indiana's having the ball game. With the exception of Fisher now has to personal you talked about before the game. Started this front court big invisible in. Yards from the scarlet knights. They look inside. And they feed the post when it's there and Rutgers has been aggressive attack in the basket Omoro. It goes to the free throw line with four points. And now five does he hits his third bridge role. Despoil gave us three for three for the strike. And to the sideline Mathis goes once again and McConnell comes back in for the scarlet knights Arroyo. Looks up a number two, and they also and he's got six points in this ball game twenty nine twenty three. And it's a six point contest Indiana by six. See across the time. Live cook more hands off the dribble. Tried to feed it inside. It's real bad pass. And here comes a break. Grat Harper for a dog. And all of a sudden we got a ballgame. A quick. Five points for Ron Harper and Indiana's evaporated down to four twenty nine twenty five with two Shelvin teen left here in the first half fans ever wonder what the most comfortable pillow feels like go to mypillow dot com, click on the four pack special and enter promo code hoosiers to find out you'll get two premium pillows two go anywhere pillows for fifty percents off when you use promo code hoosiers freshman mistake. Has played really well here in this first half, a nice job facilitating the basketball, but that play right there. You cannot make that bounce pass at the top of the key to cliff more dive into the basket one the passes right in his ankles. No way cliff catches that ball. But even if he does what's he gonna do with the basketball that that's the thing that young point guard will learn on not only to pass the basketball to win in what part on the core. The past them all an unforced turnover for Indiana scarlet knights have the the momentum. Here is eight point lead. Last couple of possessions down to four and loved timeout by Archie Miller, hearing, the enemies basket badly, Jawad boarded and Justin Smith languid three fouls or both back in the game. Now, you more sets sits down asked us pet store and Justin has the ball right side faster. Robichaud langford. Looks in finds Giuliani turns around. Works on Dorset down low Crozet outside to Romeo. Langford drives a baseline throws. It up misses. It. And that'll be his first final again. Well, things are starting to rabble thri. You they lead by only four now they led by ten on two or three different occasions Fitzner and Forrester both check back in Jay forester. Got too early fouls hadn't heard from heaven awhile. But he's back in there. Now, John and just check to the sideline as Langford. Also. Anderson as well along with an. Venison line. This is Joe Baker Baker dribble right side. Pastor McConnell mcardle holds on the wing gives outside the dourson dourson goes left passes it off. The Baker Baker tries to cut inside cans throws it back out to me now off the cattle back ROY down. Low ROY throws cross court Harper for three in the corner. He had. One point. The contest and the ad has let them slip right back to the top one twenty two and a half. Here's how dare go to download he takes it back out of trouble. Anderson back the fits very fakes for three past the Pederson. Betsy now, ten of the shot clock. Tried to get it inside of was touched last. Rutgers player in Indiana will have eight seconds on the shock. Dan, bowed and get a shot on. I don't know thousand kick ball or not if the shock rock should reset surprise are not looking at that here, though, win Indiana needs a basket bad. This is a lineup here that really to look for. Al Durham around finish fantasy year. Take your shot, maybe pick top with bits. But with Indiana's key guys on the bench. I think they are. Yeah. They're gonna give Indiana twenty seconds as quick as a quick time. I've taken here by Rutgers with a minute and three seconds to go twenty nine twenty eight Rutgers trailing by just one now after Indiana's let a ten point lead slip away. Now, I don't know if you bring in us this time out as an opportunity bring in guys like Morgan. And Romeo Lankford. I don't I don't see anybody going to the scores bench here. So we need is going to have that lineup on offense. Coach Miller has been doing some Saabs here the last minute or two here an offense and defense as Indiana's had some guys in trouble. Bring back in the game. When India has got the ball Romeo back in got the ball. And then when they get back on defense he's in southern amount here. But I don't think he's going to be bringing in Romeo or doin here. It's like these five guys might be playing the rest of his first. Great news. There's a way you could save money. Switch to Geico. Go to Geico dot com. In fifteen minutes. You could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Indiana basketball's. And let's see what happens there. They added with wild twenty seconds other Shacklock. Here's the bathroom debate. Anderson to rob. Edison. Tennessee takes it. Right. Gives it up to the Beijing. Anderson backed defensive Tennessee now dries end of Elaine tries to bats underneath scramble for and picked up by Rutgers another turnover that was again, I think a force passed by rob venison. Here's Baker almost knocked away. From a got it back frozen outside the McConnell Mocatta with the ball. He feeds Ron Harper who gives it outside. The Baker Baker slides and often the hands abo- he drives on fits their download throws it up misses the shot fixture. Had the rebound lost it kick it back outside and they'll get a new thirty seconds. So they can run down the clock here. And try to take the lead at halftime GIO Baker here made the Rutgers fans are on their feet. They've come back from down. And they've got a chance to take the lead in the locker room. Here is GIO Baker left side. Fadeaway footer. No, good rebound tipped off. Ajay choristers got the rebound gifts. And that will end the first half. John in the locker room at halftime. A one point lead the score Indiana Twenty-nine Rutgers twenty eight and we will be back with our second second half in just about fifteen minutes..

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