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Play raid at night. When my parents thought that I was sleeping and put the covers over and then just keep on playing into the night. So and now that this adventure is on intendo switch, and it's just brought to life, and it's it's very different canto is alive, and it's beautiful and all the characters have their own stories and interactive. So it's really cool. It's just a lot of fun to experience. And it's funny that you mentioned canto because I'd have number two on our list is is the nostalgia for longtime fans returning to the world of the original polka mind games. And there's a lot more there. I think that will pull it the heartstrings of longtime among fans. Yeah. For sure. So. Yes, that's right. We're we're in the cancer region. So for core fans that will be a very familiar territory, they'll they'll be coming back to experience, but for the newcomers, especially put him on go players that don't really know that. There's a narrative to the Pokemon franchise. This is a great entry point for them into the the series. And it's just it's it's gorgeous world, and you don't need to know all eight hundred plus poke him on that are currently out there. It starts where this franchise began. And then also the characters that are in canto, there's these iconic characters Brock and misty. That you'll be able to meet and even battle because they're Jim leaders within canto, and you'll get to see the poke on that they they choose in order to challenge you, and the it's just really interesting to see them alive and in their colorful form, and it feels very enemy Eskin cartoon because their representations in full colour form where in the cartoon at first and now to actually see it in a video game. And it's it's really neat to see it in this in the Pokemon. Let's go games. Yeah. I think it's the most perfect realization of the Pokemon world that has ever existed, you know, talking about comparing back to the good old days in two now. Like, it's crazy to see how different the encounter with Bronco, you know, meeting misty looks versus the original games. And that to me is the most instantly appealing thing about the let's go games. Is it really is like that? Living that fantasy of your here, and you can play with a friend and the Pokemon follow you, and it just fully immerses you in that. Awesome world. Yeah. And just kind of going back to the cartoon of like, how Brockway always kind of like poison have his arms crossover misty. With her vary like cute shorts and tank top and her legal demeanor. Like that stuff is in this game. And it's just really neat to see those non and Easter eggs just crossover the entire franchise. It's almost like you're getting to almost go inside the old games. Right. Like, maybe if the old games have been brought more to life, if they could have gone beyond the technology of the time. This is what in your imagination this world might have looked like yeah. Yeah. I think you know, I think there's some other elements that longtime fans can look forward to kind of re experiencing this game as well. Maybe there's some music tie-ins anything. They can talk about. Yeah. For sure. So Mr. Masuda he had made other interviews on how. How the music is still very true to the original GameBoy classic games. But they've been reimagined for the attendance which version so as I mentioned, there's a lot of Easter eggs hidden within that core fans will appreciate and music is one of them because you'll you'll start hearing this little icon itunes, as you travel across canto be it that year in just a regular road from pallet town to all the way to Peter city, or if you're going through futures city, you'll you'll healer all these really cool jingles that you might have recognized when you were younger, I'm really excited just to go through in and see. Okay. Here's the things that really hit that nostalgia are very similar. And then maybe some of the things that are slightly different as you progress through the different towns. Yeah. 'cause like even though I'm talking about all these non to the past their soul out of things that are new. And so there's definitely new experiences that I it just it's not the same adventure that you lived. Back in the day. I'm really looking forward to team rocket which I've seen some of the videos that have come out. And I I wasn't..

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