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They're feral or friendly, you can help. Kathleen O'Malley of by Dewey's NYC Feral Cat Initiative says they've got free workshops on building outdoor houses, winter shelters that are insulated waterproof. And small enough that cats can hold in their body heat and really snuggle in together. Get the scoop in my block at all for animals TV dot com Susan Richard 10 10 wins. Wins news time. 3 15 The NYPD is out with some surveillance video this weekend of a suspect in an attack on a cabbie in Brooklyn. It happened this past Wednesday evening around seven and Sheepshead Bay on East 29th Street near Avenue W. That's where police say the passenger in the cab suddenly pulled out a knife and demanded money from the driver. Cappie got out of the car, but the passenger got into the driver's seat driver confronted him, but the passenger stabbed him in the leg, then ran off. You can see that video a 10 10 wins dot com. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime stoppers at 805 77 tips. A man who answered a knock at the door at the Demon Low recording studio on Staten Island last night is dead. Police say, J. Hayden chancy found two men on the stoop. One had a rifle and shot him in the back multiple times. Attackers fled. 23 year old chancy died at a hospital. No word yet on whether he was the intended target. Pool halls will be back in business in New York, at least some of them. Ah, Judge upstate ruled that 16 pool halls that suit New York State to reopen Condoleezza as long as they agreed to a set of covert safety protocols, including mandatory contact tracing and limiting to 50% capacity. Amsterdam Billiards owner Greg Hunt led the push from Manhattan and he tells 10 10 wins bowling alleys to open up. They allowed to see nose open up. They allowed gyms to open up, even ax. Throwing ex throwing is a popular thing now and some hipster bars. You're allowed to throw axes. But you couldn't play pool and it was really The inconsistency behind this policy was, you know just that really outrageous. Nonsense. Amsterdam Billiards will reopen on Wednesday wins news time 3 17 People have got to know whether or not their president's a crook. Well, I'm not a crook. I learn. Everything I've got is that it is more than voted overwhelmingly to extend strike option to all the empty.

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