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Come on. That's baloney. I'm telling you, that is Associating is just awful boy. Wow, I know they've got a tough job and I'm trying to be kind to them. But to drug did commit a penalty that he didn't need to commit through that. I understand that, David But that she came back and retaliated. How many times do we see the guide? Every tallied gets a penalty two. Plus, they never even had their arm up for a penalty. Good Roman star to the right of Vasilevskiy First power play. The game stall wins the faceoff Hamilton at the left point. Dougie Hamilton to the center point shoots. Just wide left rebound circuit checked by Jordan Staal Ho keeps it alive for niches. Right circle Marty needs is in the right corner behind the net stalled left corner. It's a ho! Spending 11 Point Teravainen Ramses final Lightning net. Jordan Staal Is there golfing for Nature's right corner Drop pass knocked away by Hedman can clear it. Yes, Down the ice. It goes 1 35 left in the Carolina power play no score late first. Dougie Hamilton. Watch with the puck for Carolina to center ice right side 15 in his natures across the blind Carolina left circle left corner and he just passed final cut off by Killorn. He will feature knack and down the ice. It goes a couple of good clears by the lightning. Still plenty of work to be done on the penalty. Kill 1 13 left in the Carolina power play. Scoring the first Hamilton, another rush to center left wing Fogel deflects it in. McDonough is after it in the Lightning near corner hounding him. Special kickoff, especially got one it but his drop pass came out of the zone. Hamilton wasn't close enough to hold it in. Hamilton tracks it to his own Dan and actually going for a change. We'll leave it for Marassi skates behind his own net. Hounded by Blake.

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