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Word of a problem up after Route 18 delays on the cape of these now the born in Santa, more bridges are good. My king. W B Z is traffic on the three. Now we get a check of the four day Actually, The forecast is brought to us by the sump pump geeks. Here's John. Clear to partly cloudy for tonight. A comfortable night down to 65 to 70 them four Tomorrow. Partly sunny. Not too humid. I 80 85. Some clouds tomorrow night Low 66. Cool on Friday. Clouds of Sun a few showers around I 73. Partly sunny Saturday a shower thunderstorm of the area of 76 warmer on Sunday. Partly sunny and 83. Thank you. Weather meteorologist John Feerick W B Z Boston's news radio. It's cooled off a little bit in Boston and had gotten up to 91 earlier today, 88 in Belmont by down 90 in Norwood, 90 in Natick. It's 88 degrees. In Boston. I This is Steve and Rhys. When there's flooding in the streets, let your neighbors know to call the sump pump geeks at 18444335225 Or visit US online at some pump geeks dot com 5 55 There is still work to do to clean up all the damage from Tropical Storm Yes, but there is progress being made in terms of power outages. In Massachusetts, fewer than 80,000 power customers are still in the dark right now, and the work is continuing to get power restored a majority of the power outages in central and western Massachusetts, and it was lots of damage from the tropical storm. Tell, Tell Signs of trouble were present. The moment is obvious arrived as this Central mass resident recalls to W. B Z T V. It was crazy because the power kept flicking on and off, appoint a bit, and then finally, it just went off and has remained off for customers across the Bay State. The storm's gusting winds cards traffic lights to sway back and forth over intersections and pushed flags to their limits. But Isa is saved the worst for trees read Lamberti from every source confirmed more than 100,000 customers lost power and the baby Just culprit. Broken trees are the number one college out of our crews report is a lot of damage to our system. Snap rankers. Broken utility poles lines down. We have hundreds of Children sources in the field right now working to get power restored in Sharon.

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