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Do the things we're interested in and that's go to dc reflect who's your values talk about things like banning lobbyists and being able to lobby you know once you become done with washington term limits where you actually pledge you're only served two terms that kind of stuff is refreshing and that's why we're leading the race one of the big things questions obviously which one of you congressman mestre concert kita is capable of being competitive against joe john les while the polls show a competitive race republican still can't quite get across that finish line todd and luke have been in the game of politics since i got out of wabash college attorneys that never practice i'm ben career politicians that's the same description of joe donnelly all of them fast track the obamas trade deal in voting for the debt to go up year after year and i come in and not going to be beholden to the folks that either in leadership or who write him a campaign check where they calculate their votes so either one of those two guys look like donald j light and i'm a guy that is built my credit in the real world where the consequences of decisions like that you pay the ultimate price you learn a different skill set and that's the kind of refreshing point of view voters are looking for in a very clear difference between me and my two opponents as to who's going to have the best chance of taking donnelly out you talked about the issue trade because you and i sit down and have this conversation here in zion's ville trade and tariffs are obviously a big deal the president talk about sixty billion dollars worth of trade tariffs on chinese imports chinese looking at retaliating that could impact indiana particularly the chinese consumer of pork lots of soybeans indiana's a major poor major soybean producers state we talked about steel what does that do for the rv industry up in indiana is your thoughts on trade and how do we do this so that america does get your the fair deals everybody wants but you don't hurt ns crucial industries like the rv by like agriculture so that's clearly an issue and we discussed in the debate as well and i think what your takeaway should be from that is with our trading partners most of.

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