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The bear episode. 55 and Johnny Boychuk. Episode Big, Johnny Boychuk with the Bruins would do for that kind of guy this past season. I'm Aronofsky here with Connor. Ride a Boston Sports. When I asked her. How we doing? Kevin doing well? How you doing? I'm doing great. I am doing great. It is August, which is weird that it's already this far into the year, it's kind of creeping its way back in. It's like you got about me hoping that stuff is just a blip and that we can all get past it, get right on past it off. But this week in the Bruins world has been development Camp. That's been the main thing. There hasn't been anything else crazy as opposed to last week, which was just saying after thing after thing, after thing, after thing this week is dead. And kind of quiet and said some teams are still make it moves, you know, Zach Sanford. Got signed out in st. Louis been a few other little things. Structural is going to Biggest thing. That's the biggest thing will be entertaining. Yeah. For the Bruins respect to at least it's good that it's people can focus on something that's not Doom and Gloom really in terms of like the David krejci granted I guess maybe the Brewers have the best Prospect pools, I was going to say that I was going to say it's a tough week to have stuff. All things considered though you so def Jam's devcamp is still intrigued. There's always can invite some of these guys who look good guys who look promising. And especially I think after the past year that a lot of these kids had where they either had abbreviated Seasons, they were playing overseas. But there are some teams who are players, who didn't even have a season, like you had guys, and I really were kind of stuck there. Who didn't really have a place to go. So, just even getting these guys back on the ice was still a good development, said the club. And Johnny Beecher had a Covetous shoe back with the World. Junior Team for. I remember, right? He was, he was he there and got sent home. There was something that happened with him where he could, he was at camp and I think he gave his team and I think bordeleau I think that's who it was. I think it was definitely got sent back and yeah I mean for him it was I didn't want to say I wasn't sure if it was like a can like it was a first positive then he came back negative but I feel like it was something that I think we're there was the IIHF that was like super strict about it obviously with so many different countries involved as to why he was unable to change. You know, participate later but yeah tough year for him I mean with that and the fact that he pretty much you know injured his shoulder for the season, even began played through it off. You know production kind of suffered as a result. Then eventually had to go under the knife in February for full labrum surgery, which is not fun. It's a long recovery. So so he's been, he's been in a red sweater off. For Camp so far..

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