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You want to listen to bucks of neutrals? Well, how about you fill out this form? You la one. Another ice, another Max Verstappen victory. It's just. When do we start to think that this season's in trouble, rob? Well, it's now very much the, it's like that Simpson's main where Homer comes out of the bushes and last time it was just we wanted Lewis Hamilton sort of to start faltering at the hurdles. But now it's Max Verstappen. It's like, okay, time for someone else to have a go. Or even Carlos to have a crack his domination because it's now, yeah, be careful what you wish for. This is we're currently in a majority Red Bull government. And Max Verstappen is winning all of the states at the moment. And that's not fun for anybody. It's nice as that was last year. In classic tall poppy F one syndrome style, we just want to pay them back a little bit, and have someone else have a go. So we can build them up and destroy them. That's all fans want. We just want blood. Every other season, not every seat. Just every other season. This was Max Verstappen's 5th from 6th rice wine. It's Red Bull 16 a row. Now, of course, I famously, of course, at the very start, admitted I've been very honest with the interesting frame for this. For me this week in the time zone was just not good for me. So I was also a good FP two was at 7 a.m. that was all right. Exactly. That's mess for you at home, kind of. Behavior at 7 a.m. on a weekend. When you really got nothing else. Really nothing else. Rage is finished programming and where the watch sort of Hungarian news on SBS. You've done looking for fish for the fish show. Fish tank. Fish tag. Say what baby he has to say. He's like Bosch. I could tell from the little bit of footage I overheard. I overheard people talking about pain. I overheard. Commentary, I didn't go out of my way to look for it. It's actually my dedication to my cause. It's not watching single frame of the Canadian Grand Prix. Was I could tell it was the end of the race because across these doing his sort of his winding up. He sort of wrapping up his jacket on, he's got a timeout for the 7 news. News is very important. I wonder if news is as important, clearly not on Sky Sports, because he's very important on Skype. He's all the baby say that. All the news is coming up. We've got a time. Again, another one for the box of neutrals Discord for all. What's this confusing Australian reference? This obsession with the news. Literally revolves her timing out to the news. Because we just have to find that. It has to be dead on 6 o'clock. It's all padding. It's all filler content. It's already been used at 4 o'clock. 8 or something like that. I don't know, whatever. But it's crafty was winding up and I can tell. It's just even the enthusiasm in his voice just wasn't quite there. And I'm extra stuffing. Get in there. You know, that kind of thing. Yeah, even he was struggling to really get the enthusiasm because now it's coming Max Verstappen season again, he's very much kind of in the box 8 as things then, you know, a 175 points to Sergio Pérez is one 29. If we do the whipper in there, one 26 Charles Leclerc, so not too far off that front, but it's enough it's gone. Isn't it? Nearly three rice wings with a head of an advantage for him. So max is sitting pretty at the moment. And these races are getting few and far between. They try to catch up after the Monaco curves. It's sad. I think it's a bit sad. Because not only, I don't know, maybe okay, maybe I purchased from a different direction. Maybe it's not that sad because Ferrari had a faster car this weekend. I think the Ferrari car was faster this weekend. But just the way the weekend panned out, maxed up and had a great pole position in the web, and then Carlos Sainz, I love the guy. Just lacks, I think, 1% at the moment or sorry to Charles Leclerc like didn't, I feel like if Charles Leclerc would if the position is reversed, I think Charlotte clay would have passed for Stefan or would have crashed strong. Interesting. Right. I think. But I think Carlos signs, he did look very comfortable. I've got to admit he was very close to the walls throughout the weekend. Confident driver does. But I do also feel like almost maybe he's too sensible. Maybe Charles Leclerc sometimes he just, you know, maybe he goes a little bit too much. He goes a 101%. Carlos size is very a 100%. Yeah, well, with my objective view of the Grand Prix having not seen this, I'm therefore very qualified in my opinions for this Grand Prix, but save your home. I have footage. But for Carlos Sainz, for me, I feel like for a man who has crashed ass and has had all these other wobbles in between. This Grand Prix. I feel like he needed a result like this. I mean, I know it's not the Winnie's perilously close. To getting there, I think, one day, it's just, he needed to, I think, rebuild his stocks and his confidence a little bit to be in that position again because you're only as good as your last race and for Daniel Ricciardo. He's still probably riding the Italian Grand Prix little bit. Tim's credit. It's wearing theme. And so for Carlos, he needs a result in the bag to go. I can build on this because let's face it. He's not in championship contention this year. Yeah, a hundred and outsider, but it's very much a Charles Leclerc presidential candidate, shall we say for Ferrari this season? So for Carlos, he needs to step up as Sergio Pérez, play that number two sort of role at the minute. So it says you're proof. Number two is still not solidified. It could sneak in. Save his own home, but for Carlos, he needs to step up and needs to play the team game and knows he needs to be defensive offside for well now the red balls into a lesser extent the Mercedes. So a result like this I think was good for Carlos. It wasn't quite but I feel like a couple more results like that than the wind is very close. Interesting that you say that it was close to the wall because I would have thought he would have just taken it a little bit easier, not made any silly mistakes because he needed a result like this. Yes, I completely agree. I think that's a good call. He did need a solid result and one where I think you could say he probably got the maximum from it. Even if he didn't make any lunges, but it is a very hard track to be fair to him actually to do a sort of ambitious lunch because there's not a lot of run off a lot of walls. So in that sense, I think actually probably got the most out of it. Had luck on a little bit his way, he might have been positions reversed at the end of the race and he would have been defending, maybe he could have pulled that one off, would have been a very good win..

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