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Fighters freight kevin hunter junior pleaded not guilty for allegedly salting his father kevin hunter the eighteen year old son of kevin senior and daytime talk show host wendy williams appeared in a new jersey court on tuesday for his arraignment following his may twenty-first arrest for getting into a brawl with his father outside a kraus's food store in west orange the prosecutor asked for more time to review the case and no action was taken kevin junior we'll have another court appearance on july ninth that story is confusing to me because i think he was defending his mom after potentially the dad had hit the mom yeah there were some words exchanged performs what i read and it ended not well and that's just just a horrible situation what's going on between those two we feel bad for kevin is tensions are flaring up there and amanda bines is a graduate oh the actress posted a picture of herself with a friend at her graduation from the los angeles based fashion institute of design and merchandising is the first time the actress has posted on social media in nearly a year her last tweet is from november twenty eighteen when she posed on the cover of paper in that interview with the magazine binds said she was working towards earning an associate of arts degree in merchandise product-development late last year really good things for her she's so talented and had just a real mental health break yes being a child actress actor it's yeah what is the name of that movie that's so good where she plays he's the man well and then she was also in hairspray hair yes this is so good in that we loved her on the amanda show my generation that show is hysterical it was just phenomenal issues on all that too i think with keenan thompson before they can watch that if you're looking for something just kind of fun and silly the mandate show was in style jack i mean we watch that incessantly as a kid very good.

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