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I thought that was a really good number. And if their subscription, I'm guessing subscriptions are documented legit, but six hundred thousand you're right. It's it's the whole point of that would be that would be more than five pass. Exactly. And I think that's the whole point of this. And if that's the actual number and that was all caused from one UFC event, that's a slam dunk, man. So good for guys like I used to work at ESPN during a time. When may was not getting a push, and it was very held to see that come full circle guys, like Anthony, more mile care importantly, where champions behind John attic mentioned down the broadcast come around. It did feel good to see the sports that oughta people scaffolding there really are full stamp of legitimization. Not that it's you know, it's. Into to a truck with saying that article that you know, they've Meltzer road fighting dot com. I believe the percentage of for males. I think the demographic was from eighteen to thirty four like sixty nine percent that we're watching the basketball game the college basketball game stuck around to stick to watch the same thing with the female. I think it was like sixty six percent. So part of the reason why the us he wants to be on ESPN. It's the catch all the sports fans. Right. That props not exposed to the UCLA that much. Well, you got your answer there. If people are just watching basketball sports fans, right? They let it competition popping up which is fighting and they're sticking around. And it's it's a success. Something I mentioned last time one of the things about SPN is completely different from FOX and everything. It's just an idle station. People put on the spin and just leave it there. They don't even they don't even it doesn't matter. What surrounds bars if exactly they will just leave it on their in their homes people a lot of just put on ESPN, whatever's on ESPN is what they're watching. That's that's a complete difference between FOX's I felt like, you know, their programming. So very so different. You never knew. And I'm talking about the main FOX. But of course, Fox Sports one was starting out. I don't think that people are idling as much on the on the channel. But he has PM has that Bilton where people will just leave it on like, you mention any any bar any public place, but a lot of people their living rooms, I've been tons of people's homes where they have it on ESPN, then they're not really changing. So that's that's another benefit for this whole, you know, more eyeballs on UFC. Let's go down the line that I would generally agree. I think as a little high because we've couple things that went wrong from success factor. A could I critique certain elements of the broadcast? I certainly like the pacing. I like the creative idea of having a coach as a broadcaster on the air. I don't know if I love that you just copy and paste your Fox Broadcasting not that anything against any of those members. They're all really good. But you're starting a new era and to start a new era with the same old pieces. Have that there would be a production? Refresh. And there wasn't an again, I've mentioned this before one of my colleagues who worked at FOX was like well, yes. Use producing right. Okay. So I expect some. Nudie? But it's also ESPN. It's new it's the first one you've had in seven years. I I don't know. I kinda thought it would be what did you? What would you have changed? Is there some element? I think I would have rotated just grandfathering in all the talent. Yeah. That was a little weird. I wouldn't do graphics package. Certainly brought back face the pain. I mean, I don't know. I I can't. You guys think it's a joke. It's truly the most indefensible broadcast. I didn't even ask yourself. What is the least defensible broadcast decision in.

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