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Um, uh, nice to try and get support where the members of the legal clearances. The total's on back. Sidelong respected on the door could be stored in the back of a vehicle accommodate them. Vehicle courses, structural component. And it's part of a rebel safety system for roll over and crush it. Punishable those elements together to make one of being from everybody in all of Egypt. We will have to come together on DH. On stuff up to the challenge something invention of a district full. I have to tell you all of us here that fixed cause for a living. We're always looking at the vehicles we work on. And we say we could have designed this much better than my right many time, but but I think I think I think you've built Everything the way we would have done it. I don't think that improve on it. Yeah, it's it's I mean, I really can't say I don't. I don't get excited about these types of vehicles too often, but this is really It's almost mouthwatering toe. Look at the pictures and here's a description and hear the I love the process. You know this whole idea of a storyline and just like, what is somebody in the real world there really life. Like what? What did they want to do with a vehicle like this? And and what of the situations that they would be in and out as the vehicle? Answer. Those questions is downright brilliant. Paul, I think we're lucky that Ford brought you over here from Britain. To design this beautiful piece of machinery for us, But I have to ask Robert Erskine if what is the reason that you guys seem to design things better in Britain, people from Britain? Robin. Hello. Very nice to help people want also sounds But you have to say absolutely fascinating and really cool at the market Now dropped off in 30 seconds. Stay. Why Brian happens to be better than anybody. Is it the beer? Is it the beer? Aye would agree with that. I think that we're always happens. That ground of culture running through us, But we have to work just because the heart as it were always like to get so they know the colonel off the idea. What it is that we're trying to brine and make better on. I've heard mention heritage several time Maris's heritage. Without soul connected with meaning. So I I'm going to put my neck on the block here. Just say I think it's because we like to call tax and the contact with our souls, and we like to divide things. Have a feel that have a tactile and emotional pole because in our paws history on DH, Hey, we go live to off archeology history on all sorts of many, many things that I think that that's why offspring Have a certain sensitivity in that thick hair a pool tell me whether I'm stroking absolute rubbish. Well. Very well. It's a lovely compliment that I would I would suggest that the Morris Marina Andi Austin Allegro Ah, good cancer arguments, Tio. Thank you. Well, some vehicles way have a lot of states wouldn't invent a million things. But the U. K. As much as years ago. A fantastic option is, um Productivity. Um, limitless, Andi think that that that approach is truly inspiring. So no agreement around. Maybe he just got back. No, no, The jury's gonna come every year, but this is actually very good..

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