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David Pignata joins us here on CBS Portray Dio How you, David? I'm good man. How's it going? Good. Appreciate your coming on board for a couple of minutes. Hockey Lifestyle magazine. As I just said, I'm a hockey fair, not a dye yard, but a better than casual hockey fan. I've never perused Taki Lifestyle magazine. What do you guys cover an act? Yeah. Well, basically like meets NHL The stuff that happened off the ice, everything that's going away from it. The guys, their cars, fashion verifications, where they like to go on their trips, everything that encompasses the game. But away from the actual on ice action. We cover the Ah, nice stuff, too. But when we really feature things, it's all about getting to know these guys taking their helmets off putting a different spotlight on the athletes. Versus what you see in a regular, you know, hockey game that happens throughout the course of the season. Now, I will both praise in question the NHL players here because I've worked a lot of any locker rooms over the years. They are easily easily the best bunch of guys to work with They just get it. They understand It's their less diva Zahra lets attitudes Ah, there they are. It's the easiest locker room to work because the guys are such good guys and hardworking and alike. So there's my praise. My questioning would be I've seen some of their outfits. Eh? NBA guys dressed for success. NFL guys baseball. Not that much better than AKI. But I give him a slight night. That would be the least fashionable locker room that I work. How do you work there Fashion into it when they're just a bunch of hardworking Canadian hockey players. Yeah, well, you know what? The European guys especially a lot of the sweet guys, Sweet really started to influence on some of the rooms and bringing it like you got Hank. One quick kind of started the whole trend of Looking like a virgin model as you're coming into the room and before games, and this is the first time the league's got gotta dress code. You know, you gotta wear suits to a game, but because of what happened because we've got hub City action. Qualifying round that'll end today. Everybody has been given an opportunity to have a little bit of leeway and dressed as they see fit coming to the ring. You see guys in suits you guys tracked out It's just you guys and all kinds of different, you know, attire in swag and things like that. It's been a different spin on it. The guys get the shoulder personality's a little bit more, which is which has been pretty cool. It ties You know how the guys perform on the ice a little bit better with how they are generally and how their personalities kind of come out a little bit more compared to just, you know, checking out in a regular suit. Just get it over with. So you got a guy up there snapping picks as they come off the bus to go into the arena. There isn't too many opportunities up there to get a look at these guys because they are doing it and they're doing a hell of a job of it of keeping all the players safe. It also cuts back on the access. So I guess you got a pretty good photographer who knows where to place himself to be able to get these guys shots. Yeah, Yeah, we're We've got a pretty good job so far in collecting some of the outfits that the guys have been have been taken. They've actually, you know, A few guys have done pretty well in doing it themselves flowing during their outfits and them walking into the rink on its two grand and on social media teams. They're starting to do the same thing realizing that. Hey, you know, some of these guys actually have some pretty cool. Swag, and it's a pretty cool style. So might as well show case that starting to finally come out a little bit more for the NHL, which which, I think is great because, like you said, everybody talks about No MBA guys and all the guys come into the ring pregame into the arena pregame on and how much you know publicity that gets its starting to slowly trickle into the NHL. You still got a ways away, but it's nice to see a change of pace here from this side of things. Michael Williams, so student collaborator, contributor for Golf on CBS Sports Radio. Our guest Let me Ah, again. I keep pointing to my future guests from the serious s accept many kill network. David forgot a witness. Um, if I said right now. Hiding the flyer to play in the best hockey in hockey. David, would you agree with me or disagree? I'd say they're getting their Ah, there. It's kind of both right? And I don't want to, you know, Skip out on the answer, but it's kind of okay. We're seeing some excellent performance. Defensively. We're seeing some great emergence from from their second line with Kevin Hayes. Connect Ian Lot really coming out material has been great. But I still want to see more from this room. Quote. Haru is a workhorse. What for as overall contributions, even including in the season. He's been better, but I want to Seymour out of clothes drew. I want to see or to take four check. We didn't play the last game. If the Philadelphia Flyers want to make some serious noise here, you've got to be able to get contributions. From your main guys that includes a route that includes Jake Vortex. Uh, again, Hayes, Lawton. Connecting have they were fantastic in this round. Robin Siri's Go and help certainly propelled them up to first place to get the number one seed a lot. They'll play the Montreal Canadians around one on they'll certainly be the favorite. There's no question about it. But in terms of overall longevity, these guys obviously have to keep it up. But I want to see what called a ruined Jake more Chuck and contribute. In terms of The round's going on and seeing how far the scene that really pushed themselves. That's fair, because in a lot of sports, you only go as far as you start carry you and Haru and board check are the guys who have the experience and had previous playoff success, whereas some of the other guys thie Scott lawns or not, and they're coming up huge right now. But hockey is a different kind of sport. I certainly believe that line of logic in the N B a in the NFL because the quarterback position in baseball because starting pitching, But if there is one sport that if you've got all your lines rolling and you're getting contributions from guys who haven't been your regular season stars, I would say it's hockey. And it's It's doing it by committee. There's no question you get the goaltending, Carter heart that was solid and his two games Ryan Elliot stood on his head in the lone game that he played in the round robin. Defensively, This team has been steady. They have been strong on the back end, and they got offensive contributions as well. From their defence, of course, definitely, in terms of how this team can perform and how they can push themselves We thought with with ST Louis last year in terms of getting to the Stanley Cup, but ultimately winning it, They did it by committee. They had all four lines rolling. Their defense was great and Jordan Bennington was absolutely outstanding between the pipes. But they had those contributions as well from, you know from their guys from Ryan O'Reily didn't have to do whatever game and that's why you could do it by committee. But they had those types of players O'Reilly and Tarasenko and so on, contribute. And they spread it out. I I haven't seen it took me a while to realize that closure was playing in a couple of these these last three games. I just double checked the score sheet and double check the ones on the ice. I want to be more Fair enough. We're talking to David Pegg, not a serious sex and NHL network and editor in chief of Hockey Lifestyle magazine here with his on CBS Sports Radio. I told the flies in Vegas both sweet..

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