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I'm Michael Philip Kelly and the six eighty WCBS Marilyn newscenter. A Maryland Senator says the federal farm Bill makes more money available to help the Chesapeake Bay Senator Chris van Holland said yesterday, the measure includes parts of his Chesapeake Bay farm Bill enhancements act. The measure contains three hundred million dollars for the regional conservation partnership program. Each year, the university of Maryland college park says it storms will be thoroughly disinfected to fight and a virus outbreak that has killed one student. Sickened at least thirty people. The cleaning is scheduled to take place over winter break in January eighteen year old Olivia paragon of Glenwood died in November from virus related complications. She had been taking drugs to combat Crohn's disease that made her susceptible. Larry HOGAN says there's no final deal regarding recently disclosed lamb swapped idea to keep the Washington Redskins in Maryland. But he supports it HOGAN said yesterday there have been no discussions about the state spending money on a stadium. Hogan says Maryland's concept calls for trading a parcel of land. The state owns in western Maryland for the federally owned land near national harbor in sports pro football. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback. Ben Rothlisberger believes he'll play Sunday against New England despite bruised ribs suffered in Sunday's loss at Oakland. Coach Mike Tomlin indicated pain management will be the biggest concern the seven and six ravens are home Sunday to face the five and eight Tampa Bay Buccaneers at one o'clock in their first of their final three games of the season. Now, your exclusive WCBS Weather Channel forecast. As the weather turns colder now is the perfect time to get a remote car started from. Westminster speed and sound as the acknowledged leader in this category. We have small remote controls we have systems that will work with your smart fan. And we have extremely long range so places like your office, or when you're out to eat or no problem.

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