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M. this is Mike Krauser the prosecutor in Lake County Indiana says the police version of the hospital shooting yesterday that left a retired police officer and a psychiatric patient dead was not accurate Wrigleyville business owners push ahead without the benefit of baseball this is Jennifer Kuiper a west suburban kids parade will take place this fourth of July with covert nineteen precautions being follow Senate Republicans roll out proposed changes to policing details next from CBS on the markets the Dow down forty nasdaq is up sixty and the S. and P. is up two points sunshine in Chicago land headed up to a high of eighty eight right now eighty two degrees CBS news update Senate Republicans out today with a package of police reforms south Carolina's Tim Scott as point man for the legislation that could be acted on next week the answer to the question of which side do you support it I support America and if you support America you support restoring the confidence that communities of color have been in institutions of authority it does not go as far as a series of measures outlined by Democrats new York's Chuck Schumer is the Senate democratic leader of the democratic bill bans chuckles and other tactics that have killed black Americans the Republican bill purports to banjo Cole's only those that restrict airflow not blood flow and provides exceptions when deadly force is needed in the market place pepsico and Quaker are pulling the image and name and Jemima from pancake and syrup packaging CBS news update I'm Steve K. for WBBM news time eleven thirty two news is sponsored by friendship village there's new information about a violent altercation at community hospital in Munster early yesterday he left a security guard and a patient there the Lake County prosecutor Bernard Carter says the security guard fifty nine year old retired Lake County sheriff's officer Ryan ask you was killed accidentally by his partner the sheriff Oscar Martinez said yesterday the guard was killed by a psychiatric patient who had wrestled his gun away and Munster police while refusing to respond to calls and emails put a post on Facebook supporting that narrative the prosecutor says what really happened was ask you as partners sixty five year old Benny Freeman also a retired police officer came to the aid of a nurse who was being beaten by the patient twenty two year old Jamal Williams and Williams put ask you in a show called in was punching in and ask who was losing consciousness his partner Freeman according to the prosecutor fired twice hitting the patient Williams in the face killing him and his partner in the arm and the bullet went into his chest killing him as well Mike Krauser newsradio one oh five point nine FM in light of all the independent state cancellations a west suburban veterans group has decided to have a parade for kids VFW is hosting a fourth of July parade for children who are encouraged to wear their patriotic best Batavia VFW commander J. Davis tells us we have six acres so as far as social distancing goes people are are more than able to create a space between them and others then as far as food goes will take food handling precautions everyone work gloves don't have masks and the fire department will be there on.

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