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Let's put a lot of crosses on top of this guy. You know, there's one thing when you go, when you make that move, you know, from MLS to England. One of the biggest differences is the quality of crosses. And the consistency, the way they're whipped in, and then how the split second decision making has to be made for you to come out or not come out. And you know, I mean, Matt, I know great shot stopper. You know, I like the way you read the body. Would have loved to have seen him head that ball a little bit wider and not give a not force Kellen Acosta into having to take a yellow card in the hope that for Wales that Gareth Bale could hit the midfield bomb, but I think it was, it was decent. But he could improve. All right, one last thing for you here, Casey, how do you think the U.S. then having seen what England did today against Iran putting up those 6 goals in the 6 to two win? How does this U.S. team now with a point in the bag approach that game against the England? Because I think there's probably some U.S. fans that are pretty worried that that could get out of hand. And if you're O one and one, that's not a good spot to be after two games. It's going to be a little different because obviously that first half. And I think we all assumed in that first half that the U.S. was going to have a lot of possession against Wales. That is not going to be the case against England. It's going to be a different mindset on how the team approaches defending and defending against a team that is significantly more explosive in possession than this Welsh side. That can beat you on the dribble. They can beat you over the top. And not only that, extremely dangerous office set pieces as well. So multi headed attack still, I think the U.S. has the players. They have the physicality to also hit England on the counter attack at times. I think if there was one little piece, one little Achilles heel on this English side, I think they can get, they can get at the defense when they're pushed up in possession if they make a poor pass. So, but it'll be a completely different look than we saw today. And in some ways, it's almost a little bit different than 2014. You know, 2014, you get the three points against Ghana, then the point against Portugal. And you're like, okay, just don't get hammered by Germany and you've got a really good chance of going through. So this is almost that little bit opposite. Instead of playing Germany in the last game, you're playing that team in the second game. And you're almost going, look, if you can steal a point brilliant. But in the end, if you can keep that to one nil and then know you're going up against Iran who has to play better than they did against England. And give yourself an opportunity in that last game. Now, by all means, don't be afraid of England. Don't go into the England game thinking, okay, just pack it in with 11 and because they're so much better than us. By no means, but definitely be a little bit more conservative in that match and make sure you don't do it Iran did. Concede that first goal open yourself up and before you know it, it's the game's away from you. All right, there he is. Casey Keller, Casey, great to have you with us here on football Americas and herk and I will see you in what, about 90 minutes on ESPN FC. Thanks again. All right guys. Harry is Casey Keller. What

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