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And he wasn't under oath although legal experts point out it's still a crime to lie to congress democrat joe manchin who sits on the senate intelligence committee suggested kushner's meeting today with committee staffers is just the beginning not the end of their interactions with a deuce preliminary type thing they go through the the nuts and bolts if you will and then we set the parameters how we're going to go through the appearances in cevers questions bs then at the white house kushner downplayed the russia question and defended his fatherinlaw's electoral win donald trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign and that is why he one suggesting otherwise ridicules those who voted for him jared kushner is set to meet with lawmakers on the house intelligence committee tomorrow jeff bennett npr news the capital there are just eight former directors of the congressional budget office on friday all of them signed a letter to leaders of congress we right to express our strong objection to recent tax on the integrity and professionalism of the agency and on the agency's role in legislative process that douglas hold sekine who served as the director of the congressional budget office from two thousand three to two thousand five he's a republican and is now head of the american action forum a centreright policy institute which at issue here is how the congressional budget office has scored republican health care bill is how it estimates how many people would be left uninsured and how much it would cost the government a dugout taken why did you and your fellow past cbo directors choose to write this letter now what worries you it's fine in my view to disagree with the cbo on the substance it's of a score on the research that goes behind how people choose their health insurance policies or the likely pace of medical inflation it's not ok in my view to attack the professionalism the integrity and the mission of the cbo and in recent weeks we've seen this kind of his tax without it was time to simply say it's unacceptable the congressional budget office a began a nineteen 75 and president trump's budget director he's part of the.

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