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All right joe. Let's go go. You said friday's gas tanks. Quick all right. We move right on so geraldo all the one thousand dollars. I haven't figured out where i'm going to donate it with Donate to it's going to be some charity But geraldo won't pay up. Because we're all doesn't have the dignity to pay up and he's too busy screaming all the time on the. It's really incredible. How when i debate this guy on sean hannity show. I patiently listened to him spout all his misinformation nonsense. He never knows what he's talking about. He pulls fax out of context tense. No idea they're all political attacks because he's a failure and he doesn't let me get a sentence out before opening is is yapper because he has no sense of self control. He's like a child he is. He's he's like an infant. You have to like change his diaper once in a while so again i get a lot and i want to repeat this because it's important about eighty percent of the comments. I get a positive dan. Thanks for beaten back geraldo misinformation but about twenty percent. I see no point. There's no i do. And i'm sorry but i disagree. I do see appoint going on the air and combating guys misinformation because he uses republican bran to go on the air and say things that are factually inaccurate. Or he takes a fact like he did last night takes it entirely out of context and what i correct him on it. He then bets me thousand dollars. That i'm lying when he's in fact the one trying to misconstrue what's going on in florida and elsewhere. What do i mean what happened. Well i want my thousand dollars from this guy because this happened. Last night we were debating. Geraldo throws out a number about corona virus cases in florida. He says sixteen or seventeen thousand numbers meaningless folks cases doesn't mean anything because we don't know how many cases there are. Why because that's only the people who were tested meeting people who probably were showing symptoms candidly. Flora could have double the number of cases. We could have a number of symptomatic cases in new york where people aren't getting tested cases. Doesn't mean anything what we care about here in this pandemic or hospitalizations and death cases doesn't mean it's not a metric you can use because you don't know how many cases there are only. The people who are really sick are going to go get tests. I shouldn't say it's useless. It's not a useless number more useful however as hospitalizations and deaths that's very serious number. Geraldo throws the case number out never mentioned the florida deaths per capita at all because he wants to destroy rhonda. Santa's i correct him at any bets. Me loses the bet and then celebrates it here. Check this out although it around the sand. This he doesn't know the numbers. I live here in florida's twenty six per dan. It's though it's not my fault. You never know what you're talking about. It's not my your grew. Never zinser anything before you come full of you know. That's why hate coming on pretty good. You're silly arousal. Let dan toraldo. He doesn't like to do that sean. Because he always gets caught never knowing what he's thinking back and he's invented the store and his position so on we'll order. I did stick to five to be on the air with you. That's why i no though. And then you unbelievable and yuki wasn't thousand thousand dollars in that you want to put your money where you know you wanna put your money where your mouth sixteen sanjiv.

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