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So they decided to put him under macroscopic microscopic investigation for about half a decade had insiders try to steal his business. Rather than, of course thing Alex Jones and Info Award. So people across the political spectrum if there's a high profile political case people. When they start looking for someone when they start to realize on a second I, have a political case I need someone who knows how to defend me in the court of Public Opinion Anna Quarter Law and is not part of the system is not part of the entrenched insider system that a lot of lawyers are. You wouldn't represent I'm I. Want. There because I'm sure you heard that before but like a a Richard Spencer as somebody you'd represented in general or a Jerry's hair to groups I generally stay away from one racist dis- don't like him So true racist I mean these days they're labeling anyone racist but I mean an actual racist and I don't want anything to do with the clan. Storm Front Richard Spencer none of those people and and otherwise I will not defend a generally I won't offend someone I think is guilty of serious crime. So the I have to believe they're innocent I won't defend them and in certain crimes, I won't represent unless I'm absolutely convinced of innocent. So Child Abuse I've never done the child abuse defense case have never done a rape defense case I've never done anything like that. And I'm deeply disinclined to people reach out to me for those and I passed those right away. In fact, I've told clients like if this ever comes out to be true about you. Even if I'm defending you in a different arena, I'm not gonNA stick with your case I'm out. So that's part of our agreement advance that if if this, these are the kind of things I do not represent, and if I believe you're guilty of I, don't want to help you anything. And people can look at amy isn't the Amy Cooper case a kind of tricky that way though because I mean, it is on video on a lot of people say, Oh, my God look. It's right there every that's albion I find everything about the Cooper case from Publicity Perspective Insane I've been bothered for awhile at what I consider the attempts to recreate reality. TV Jenny Jones springer in in with with involuntary videotaping of private citizens in public and social media because it seems to me, that's what we're doing..

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