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Hello friends. Today, we're excited to launch a new members only podcast the alachua. In Alachua is a sample taken from a larger hole that captures the essence of the entirety. Borrowing a term from the lab bench, that sample or Alachua is often going to be a personal allotment of agent that's being used potentially across multiple experiments, and for that reason kept near at hand are Alachua. However are members only podcast focused on single topics curated and remixed from the best of foundmyfitness. Some episodes are edited excerpts, highlights and informative moments taken from full interviews in the foundmyfitness podcast usually with just a little more context for me. Other episodes are mashups of highlights from my regular members only QNA's curated around themes and popular topics like pregnancy, sauna, fasting, and more. This. First alachua episode is a very special mash up highlight edition. It features a compilation of pregnancy and child development related topics taken from several QNA episodes. The last couple of years this episode covers a lot of topics including my prepregnancy regimen, including diet exercise vitamins in sleep. Omega three during pregnancy, fish consumption and mercury concerns which fish to avoid during pregnancy. Algae derived versus marine derived omega three fatty acids, extra precautions that I took during pregnancy coaling and the developing brain. My perspective on nutrition for a baby and toddler that may maximize brain development and growth the Diet and supplements I took or in some cases avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Duration of breastfeeding and the impact on mothers and child health. The introduction of solid foods,.

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