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About it because they haven't done very much with beginning to sound beginning to see may be the larry here with the virgin galacticos fortunately on doug mets pierre this type of para pollock off to the races these questions and i started you know he's making the point here that did not occur today straddle occupy deal was to build a giant plain out of two seven twenty seventh who would act as the mother she if they would put a rocket under the few so loved the plane would take off that would act as first danger than want to get up to a very high altitude of the plane of the rocket would with the parade and then launch because going all of it and the idea behind that of course is that you um you save some money you you have some blow launch pads facilities your first ages an airplane central you re use the idea and that's what they've been talking about well originally their first car there first the iteration they were parting with face next to build the rockets that would attached to the plane and very shortly after the partnership started they checked back out they should nope when i can work on you love this with you can talk a bit about fine and they made up ownership with all the way he played to build the rockets held relate pk has experienced do we need exact same thing their first rocket in fact was the back of his rocket which what to do with launches from the bottom nl an eleven blaine than they've been launching that potential enough almost thirty years although like you the ideal partner with the idea unable pockets for a while and lone behold of local break and a back to back now i i have no you know until david painter last year that they'll though they're looking and looking at many options for what rocket they will put on the bottom of the a giant mother shift plane but they haven't come up with anybody have gotten announced anything and what that's the a's oughta cole made me realize lee is this not a good thing to the major rocket companies.

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