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To the washington post with agents seizing financial and tax records among other documents the rate appears to be unusual since manafort has repeatedly claimed he is cooper rating squeezing a former campaign chairman manager in order to try to remove donald trump from office that's what they're doing in that case and they have a dream team of lawyers working around the clock to do that and as far as i can tell donald trump has this guy tie carbon i don't know who else are we're going to get into this and just a moment on the laura ingraham show with andy mccarthy before we do gary in nevada online to and we can also ask area about this in a way as a veteran what does he think about this controversy with the nfl kerry well unfortunately 1960 l pretty good word porter in high school football and i was looking for deporting college football however uncle sam called me her career and while from cambodia god bless vietnam uh or grandma info about about bell uh some of my africanamerican brothers some of my sporadic brothers and from mark caucasian brokers then come back that's what the best oil from represents a dozen wrote the art van with power copper here b yellow peril but one two hundred porter food that they will not fail pretty boy at them i want to let them know i won't watch any more in a four game by warmer out a up all day i feel very old up for the veteran author life to protect our right well worker doerr gary first of all god bless you for serving this country in uniform we honor all who did and do it thank you so much for doing that and in such a difficult period in our nation's history and you served you did but i will ask since went is standing for the national anthem mean that used you agree with the president or you agree with the government's policies i mean i would have been sitting for the national anthem for the past eight years during obama i ord or during the time that the supreme court uh you know decided to strike down states state's ability to define marriage or uh in in protest to abortion but i see stand i because i love the country it's not it's not and does mean everything.

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