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Kevin Kerr from fat guys in the movie sitting here with us Hey Jackie was serving a lost mix tape yes so this comes to us from Sweden the Swedish woman was visiting or art exhibit and she made an unexpected discovery a cassette mix tape that she lost her on a trip to Spain more than twenty years earlier was part of the exhibit still Weddle said she was vacation with her family in Spain in the early nineteen nineties when she was only twelve years old and she lost her mix tape is the tape was lost in the the imperial brava or or the Spanish island of Milos more maraca maraca L. rock no remote remote mode is not sister was visiting the gallery and stylistic gallery or gallery stock home of more than twenty years after she lost the tape when she spotted the water damage cassette in the tracklist British artist and photographer Mandy Barker who C. of artifacts exhibition about the plastic pollution is affecting our our waters so the tape washed up in twenty seventeen on a beach at the plough it implies the war Barlow vento day young on future Ventura which is a Spanish island off the coast of Africa no dis okay just dark the island is about twelve hundred miles from where she believes she lost the tape Barker said she enlisted the help of a professional audio restorer who was able to list the tracks which included songs by shaggy Bob Marley and the Wailers the Pet Shop Boys soul asylum and multiple Disney songs making it the worst mix tape ever may all she was immediately fines for littering pyxis holy moly are you okay shaggy fine Bob Marley okay pet shop boys soul asylum and then a bunch of Disney crammed well said she took a photo of the tracklist of the exhibition and compared to the mix CD she used to create the tape that had all of the co authors of the copy it all songs except for the first two on the CD which wells said she left off the tape for some purpose I always made tapes from CD's at that this time to listen to them with my Walkman especially on holiday and I think that the tape I could have lost more than twenty years ago have been found was incredible Barker said she was shocked when Weddle contacted her because why would you she said I was trying to find out when I read her email the like I could believe it was shock all around the songs to start were damaged but further in the songs were as clear as they would be today it shows how long plastic can exist in the C. workers of the tape will be returned to her once the exhibition is completed it's torture who else wants it not on plastic it's on tape on tape tape is not plastic Hey no I don't think it is you know what I want to know I want to know what those other two songs were just to hear you groan if the funds are low the resumes CVS del I found your mixtape will put it in runaway train whistle while you work well you get all the what a great trip this is going to be what was what was that the what we're supposed to be about about littering or stuff stuff washed on shore from for plastics it will have washed on shore from the ocean that's fabulous so this lady just me just accidentally loses her mixtape accidentally someone hit it from me she actually looked it was directed at the dead all the trip was tired here is oh my god I just chucked it in this the artist and the artist finds it goes example of somebody who didn't care about throwing garbage and Stella goes eight nine that's okay made seventeen lasting pain we can't have western girls in the C. well alright Jackie still going strong though all the of all the bands that are on the table there was a man only shaggy is I think still looking music Disney still around doing what is he still around yeah I guess they don't say I mean it could have been was light it could have been like well maybe twenty years ago sort of like a little star soundtrack you got a friend in me to me along with the red Weston girls or hood damn well do your fees yeah run leagues for a run away train into part of your world recast lane I'm gonna give you that's why missing ones Hey there this is a great this is a great rock and track I really enjoy it in the search it was a loss so but someone took that from her and threw it away yeah back to the ocean will do the same they're going to follow up on exhibit about what happens when you burn plastic I'm sorry Poseidon but this belongs to you now and once we came up with the tracklisting for for this cassette we were really sorry that we had Jack given what about texting them yes so this comes to us from Australia where a man in Australia he's played guilty to a charge of talking on a hand held cell phone while riding a horse other cases involves thirty year old author your man in New South Wales Australia he and his horse were stopped by police officers after he was seen holding the cell phone to his ear and then on texting while riding on the rule road in October the muji local court magistrate said under the road rules a horse is a vehicle and he did not have a hands free device fitted to the horse my question is where do you plug in your U. S. B. don't ask I had someone charged with being drunk on a horse before but just wants the judge said after meeting the case was a first for him okay the defense lawyer Tim Kaine said his client was putting guilty because he concedes that the horse was in motion West Virginia senator Tim Kaine has actually built differently okay it's it's not West Virginia senator it's Virginia wasn't Virginia center Anze virgins and it was just your members and he was just on wait wait don't tell me yep he called the matter trivial in the extreme especially the rule rural area where animals are former transport man was told the charge will be expunged from his record if he stays out of trouble for three months what happened to the horse was the horse charge a horse was as sensory was impounded in later crushed into a cube just to be me maybe that's what you do with vehicles in Australia that horse was the glue that kept the case together plastic which question into a queue that's all they wouldn't really in.

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