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Married everybody we're gonna go to wake forest university to these calls for this study three has got to take over i edging owners in my voice which is so exporting our dental talk on our were john erupted looks can be fantastic i hate when i lose when i there's something going around again i didn't get it the first time i didn't get a flu shot and not getting a second time but they really talked avenues has been gave atallah all of us who we matters kellyanne again no no no no but i mean you are lydon my mom told me she's living in fear of the flu right now all did you see how bad it is it's bad out on the west coast there is the most deaths in california yeah the but thursday in about this for asia oh yeah will they don't always work mina well i now so i i don't know if i'm just getting a flurry of abed colder and put him lose but i know anyway all right so here is the first study anti researchers at at wake forest university published a study confirming that breakup or stressful what what caused while even in people who don't have acne now i'm going out you a little bit here lorry because laura get her first visit since i've known i swear i swear on a second finals this is the first zan and she's like you know how to do with these julia why i do i know put it i know arema this mass lingering resumes and oil on this thing and i might will put too great sauna use you know you're supposed to just let it breathe don't put anything on it to feed and faster it declutter clogging up but he added for a long time that i know knows me loves and nor did that you didn't have a break up but so even if you're never acne prone a breakup orcas stress it also can cause stomach cramps dr but the survey muscles they thought was kind of interesting cern also so lake flu like on the psychologists guy when she goes so far to say that breakup can mirror withdrawal lake symptoms and it's an extremely serious emotional time and people should recognize it as that said he's a found that heartbreak activites activates the same mechanisms in the brain.

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