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Vince where can the kids fired vincent on twitter princeton labor on instagram time on a drawn tumbler i think that'll that now they're gonna nagada the zero palamau mccarthy sand follow me on all forms of social media a matt mccarthy redhead twitter instagram snapchat and uh but at this is matt mccarthy dot com for show updates oh man all forms of social media for that as well um let's sue i'm going to be performing at so uh we got the live show saturday august wealth here in los angeles that monday august 14th ob at hot tub this is a fear in los angeles and you want to see me perform the perecent fan routine this smart be one of the last times i i'll be performing it live so come get a load of that hot tub always sells out curtain christon get your tickets now while you can august 15th tuesday august 15th i will be doing uh the fictional announced not fictional roused one of these historical roused region the historical roast and goddamn friday august eighteen new york city you think hot tubs gonna sell out fucking get yourself a ticket to the goddamn ally of show we watch wrestling podcast we sincerely i gave her watching wrestling with us this week rate reduce hydroelectric heinrich get he went ahead rapidly project in annexed nikki haley gone this far here's a special easter egg bonus just for you shin godzilla came out on dvd this week and blu ray that is the japanese the new japanese version of god zola minds coming in the mail i can't wait to watch it we'll talk about pixar goodbye flat wasn't hooper.

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