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President trump taking action after his acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial earlier this week firing members of his team and key witnesses who testified after being subpoenaed in the house and Corey ABC's cara Phillips is at the White House he you ambassador Gordon Sunland recalled from his post effective immediately that came as lieutenant colonel Alexander vin men the national security aide who testified at trump's impeachment trial was escorted out of the White House fired from his role in the National Security Council the first American has died from the corona virus who was a patient in a hospital in Wu Han China the center of that outbreak the death toll now stands at seven hundred and twenty five and is expected to go higher the US embassy in Beijing confirmed to ABC news that a sixty year old U. S. citizen died on Thursday citing privacy the embassy provided no further details on the patient over a thousand Americans are believed to have lived in Wuhan and the US government has already evacuated nearly eight hundred of them and their family members over the last two weeks Carson you ABC news Hong Kong in Ireland voters are choosing their next prime minister today oppose brexit landscape concerns over economic austerity and health care some of the factors you're listening to ABC news newsradio eight forty W. A. T. S. news a service of Miller's fancy bath and kitchen this is news radio eight forty WHAS your do you now good morning I'm Jerry bloom news radio eight forty WHAS the Kentucky blood center is in desperate need for donations after officials say the flu and bad weather is keeping people away from their blood drives a number of them had to be canceled over the past two weeks causing a loss of nearly three hundred blood donations donors to come to the local centers today we'll be able to receive two free movie passes as a thank you for giving blood Berea college is canceled its upcoming baseball season the school's president made an announcement via email this week but didn't give a reason for the decision the school says they hope to bring back baseball next year at this time for.

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