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That rita was giving herself up to the rape gang because she got away right like i think that she popped out somewhere else in the city snuck around and then caught up. That's that whole sequence. Didn't quite do it for me because the whole point of that kind of split is that larry is not a good person in that moment like he's watching out for number one and doesn't really care what happens to rita and the not having any consequences for that. I think really undermined the whole concept of it. Yeah so for me. I would say. That's my worst. Is the sewer sequence. Which is a shame because there's like a delightful little nightmare sequence within the sewer where larry's dead mom is hallucinated as floating by and then she vomits up rats. That's metal as hell but yeah that was pretty wacky. Although it can only take so far some people are gonna watch that scene and not realize that it's a dream or a hallucination because of the bad editing maybe thinking back about some side characters right yes so one of the most. We're talking about metal parts. Holy crap j. simmons listening to ave maria and reading script book. Simmons that sequence gave me chills. Jake as they should of had him play a major part because hold good lord that man can act it was i mean it wasn't. The scene wasn't really anything like the scene in the book. The book captured some of the spirit. He watches it on a video monitor right but i think it was way better. I think he was very cool. And they did little military thing and he reads from. What was that. But was it leaves of grass. I don't really know keats. Dude keats yup Yes i'm sorry i'm wrong. Spelled eats some good eats up up of that part so metal out very well done also. They didn't linger on the violence of it. They let it kind of being the viewers head yup yup. That's that's my my best part for me. It's either that or i'm going through changes. Those are the two that hit hardest for me. And i think it's a real testament to how how much the score is pulling this one along by the bootstraps. Let's through changes. It was just a moment in the score. I forget when exactly it happened. But it was a major moment of transition..

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