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Elder dot com. All right getting back quickly to this issue on the arizona audit and then we'll go into georgia are so this guy doug logan of cyber ninjas the co cyber ninjas he explains the difference between what they call ev thirty. Two's and ev thirty three. So here's what he says so. Follow me here just to be clear here in the state of arizona. There are ev thirty two ab thirty. Three's now the ev thirty. Two's are supposed to keep a record of win. A male land ballot is sent all right so the thirty. Two's keep the record of win. The ballot is sent. And then you have the ev thirty. Three's that are to be recorded when the mail and ballot is received. So ev thirty. Two's for ballots. Are sent ev thirty. Three's for ballots that are received so there should be more. Ev thirty two percent then ev. Thirty three's that were that were received but there's no clear indication that the ballots were ever sent out seventy four thousand ballots. So he says we don't have a clear indication that could be where the documentation wasn't done right he says Logan goes on to suggest. Maybe a door to door canvassing to help explain the discrepancy in the voter registrations. He says when we have seventy four thousand of these ballots in question it merit knocking on a door and validating this information so solution may be to go door to door in that crazy. The irregularities revealed during the hearing amounted to hundreds of thousands of votes. Ask yourself how long has arizona arizona has been a somewhat reliably red state. If i recall correctly georgia the same thing you get. Arizona georgia wisconsin. Trump wins. And it isn't my goal. I know even some people wanna right stop harping on on twenty two. You better harp on twenty twenty. Because if you don't harp on twenty twenty you won't figure out how to fix things for twenty twenty two and to get things right. Figure out what you did wrong you can you can. Both you can do both. Actually you can go back and look at twenty twenty and figure out what went wrong so you correct what you need to correct an order to win twenty twenty two and that's exactly what we see some state legislatures doing and then you guys may recall this. Oh my lord. I know this. Get us all heated on fox. News called the election for buying i. I don't. I don't recall if it was like one percent to it was. It was an extremely low number and they called arizona for biden. Now at the time. I was sitting in the Fox thirty five local studio here in orlando and i was doing commentary with some other political analyst commenting on the election at the time and i can remember trump wins florida and in numbers trump wins ohio easily trump loses arizona. I mean honestly. I was like oh okay i i. It shocked me is shocked. Me but fox called it. I think that gave the biting campaign the momentum and all the cronies that were up to corruption and up to no good. Hey there's our window go go go go. Google pretty amazing. There were major discrepancies with duplicate ballots. As well so there was serious discrepancies. According to this guy with the counting of duplicate ballots which made it extremely for all the for the auditor's to conduct an accurate count so anytime a ballot can't be run through the tabulated because it's damaged for instance. The duplicates are made Better than run through the tabular again. And so logan explained that there were roughly fifty thousand of those twenty five thousand originals and twenty-five thousand duplicates. Here's the problem. Thousands of those ballots had no serial number so the manifest that the that the auditors received the listing that the auditors receive stated that the ballots were the originals. So the auditors. Get some ballots that they were counting and it was stated from the information they received. Hey these are the original ballots. But when they got the ballots they were duplicates. They weren't original. They weren't originals. Eighteen thousand people who voted in the election were removed from the voter rolls. Soon after the election did you hear that. In the state of arizona and maricopa county eighteen thousand people who voted in the election or removed from the voter roll soon after the c. e. o. of cyber ninjas said. They were on the voter rolls. They showed voted in and then they were removed. Now there could be a logical explanation for this. Those numbers are pretty pretty high. I want you to listen to this. Listen to these numbers. This stuff is this stuff is just shocking to me. What we're finding out another eleven thousand three hundred twenty six voters in maricopa county. Were not on the voter rolls on november seventh but mysteriously appeared on voter rolls on december fourth and were marked as having voted in the november third election. Did you get that eleven thousand three hundred twenty six voters in maricopa county. Were not on the voter rolls on november seven but they appeared on the voter rolls on his on december fourth and they were marked as having voted on november third. Nothing to see here. I think not. I think there's plenty to see here. We've got to get this corrected. We have got to find out the truth. What happened in two thousand twenty. Can't happen again. We have to restore our election system to cre- covert lockdowns restore that system and make it even better make it where no one has to worry about election integrity whether that's voter. Id or everything. Else is.

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