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Memphis morning news, is six twenty five sixty nine degrees to eight later on. We got birthdays, coming up with Amy Goodson nutrition consultant, talking about protein, what types of protein are going to work better for you. Valerie callosities is an etiquette expert handshakes. Are they thing of the past at the workplace could be also next hour? Ben Ferguson and more. We're just getting started. But after more than a decade on the air, the big bang theory is calm that quits, here's FOX's, Michelle Pollino. CBS. Popular television comedy with one hour series finale, the big bang, theory, twelve year run after having scored some of the networks highs rate, ending turn it stars received some of Hollywood's highest salaries, the show starring Jim Parsons, Johnny lucky Kelly quoque. Oh, simon. Helberg canal. Nihar miam- Bialik and Melissa Rosh produce, two hundred seventy nine episodes filled with love penny. Laughter. Plenty of Star Trek from Sheldon live long, and prosper, Leonard nimoy, and of course, bas Inga quotable Sheldon moments shell Pollino, Fox News. So big bang theory is going by wonder what will what will jump into its place, a hear some funny music news for Matt Napolitano. A Wisconsin radio station has announced one artist will not be on their airwaves for at least the next week. Here's Matt one three point seven kiss FM in Milwaukee will keep playing hits. But one artist is being muted..

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