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Fired during the team's NBA championship victory parade today. Social media shows police swarming Nathan Phillips square that's in the downtown section of Toronto. The Toronto police operation center put out a statement saying shooting, Nathan Phillips square, reports of a woman shot people running from the area. We'll keep you updated as federal prosecutors began their closing arguments in the trial of Nexium co founder and leader, Keith Rene, every assistant, US attorney, Mariah Penza told the jurors in court in Brooklyn today that they saw Rene for what he was quote, a conman, a predator and a crime, boss. Bernini charged with racketeering, sex trafficking. Enforce labor and conspiracy. We're recording Nexium a company that foster self-improvement prosecutors, call the area company, a sex called prosecutors say, Rene refounded, a secret master slave society or branded with his initial starve in order to have sex with him. Defense attorneys say the alleged victims were never abused sexual activities were consensual, the trial, which lasted little over six weeks ended on Friday afternoon. We're near he faces a lengthy prison sentence if convicted dozens of former Saint Clair's hospital workers, joined by some area lawmakers on the million dollar staircase to the capital today to ask governor Cuomo in the state legislature to help their help for their pension funds. Back in October. Former hospital employees were told that their pensions were either severely depleted or had no money in at all in March, the Saint Clair's corporation, petitioned, the state supreme court that they wanted to dissolve saying to run out of money state. Attorney general Tisch James in our office, have begun reviewing certain aspects of the corporation, and six area lawmakers are calling on the. Legislature to pass a Bill that would stop Saint Clair's corporation from dissolving until an investigation is conducted to determine what happened to the money, man dead after an exchange of gunfire with Dallas police outside a federal building downtown today. F B identifying the man is twenty two year old Brian CLYDE. They do not believe he was working with anyone officers, confronted, CLYDE after he fired shots at the cabal federal building. WGN news time four thirty four. Our next update at five. I'm Jim gangway already more Sean Hannity in less than three minutes, a NewsRadio eight ten in what oth three one. W G Y. Let's give something clear view, maybe competing to be the next account executive at I heart media. But this is not a TV game show. There's no turning chairs. No, save rounds. No snarky British guys, we don't even need this dramatic music. But this is.

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