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Trump's the first trump's the first president how often do we say that trump's the first president to really do something about it the united nations has been sucking off of us and taken advantage of us taken our money and then badmouthing us for years and are all us presidents republican and democrat have just sorta gone along with the program not not trump hey andrew your unmanned thank you joe very good perked up you to men site i think outlook how little reminder three the united nations did like a may the resolution create israel hanan powell yup that resolution jerusalem that actually ought mandated that the international pretty killer vatican that non match video either the two mesa who were on the tho higher date would bought peaked at that resolution put to attack israel how quickly killed one percent of jewish hospital eight flipped it eric dill are had every other gaurd in that had had the objective of destroying grill which is ironic that bali the deep nathan whip the majority of them may come together for the us the try to make some sort of declaration joe manchin thanks man again you're right in and see this really isn't about uh the palestinians uh the rest of the muslim world props up the palestinians the palestinians are a proxy the muslim the world by the way the muslim world purposely keeps the palestinians living in abject poverty so that they can blame israel no this is a fight between the muslim world all of the muslim world in israel the muslim world jewish use his they absolutely use the palestinians as proxies to try to tear down israel let me go to joe hey joe a man john i'm good brother nutmegged critically mary crowds carry how much money would we in only stop on the country's oldest well if you stop funding all the countries that voted against this you're talking about uh gazillions you're talking about a lot of money if we stopped funding the un you're talking about hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds joe of millions of dollars were talking about real money i don't think we're going to cut off funding all one hundred twenty eight countries but trump will begin to defunding un.

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