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Wait it constantly forever he's like this is my fucking life in a hate it but i truly will like but it for twenty minutes of forty even if it's like a joke it's like is it a joke are we just like living you know it's like what point are you on stage are you off stage like living our lives here yes i was just kind of like he is definitely into it and just goes just like sure but i know for real he likes me so i was trying to email let's ask you meli he actually is a really good texture back i texted him yesterday and tex john where do you he literally text me back within two minutes so he's a good receives a really good he's a i out of here but you no you should check them but i try he's going to say i know point was ever interested in phoebe i don't know he's he's a good actor but can you re that's the hardest emotion of fake interest to do it every week people don't understand how difficult this show is for me so but i want i want to ask you did you did you really like phoebe robinson romantically is that what you don't put it like that that sounds fucking clinical horrific serial killer what he wanted to say or just be like did you phoebe was hitting did you realize on you look i'm not gonna bother him because i need him to actually respond to be for other imports.

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