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I'm Brian Murphy. And these are your half past headlines on Wednesday, July 8 2020 and it just broke about 40 minutes ago. The San Francisco Giants had some good news for you all of their test results from July 4th, came back and came back negative. As a result, the team will resume their workouts at Oracle Park today, CIA told you in the half past headlines to stay tuned to can br. And if you've been with us in 6 30 now, you know if you don't know now, you know S O. The Giants will be back at the park today to crack it a bad, says Nikita Jiro. Also news. The MBA bubble begins to get its entries this week, and the latest news from Adrian Wazowski is at New Orleans. Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry at age 65 have been undergoing further scrutiny before heading into the bubble because he's at risk. He's been cleared to travel with the team to the Orlando bubble. And Houston Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni 8 69 still waiting word, although sources, according to ESPN, say there's optimism. He'll be clear, too. And just to keep it on the optimistic tip from NASCAR. Jimmy Johnson, seven time NASCAR Cup champion has actually tested negative twice since testing positive and gets the okay to resume racing. This Sunday at Kentucky Speedway, and those are your half past headline. WeII. We now continue with Murph in Mac on KNBR. 1045 and 6 80 The sports leader. Sorry, Polly. I cut you off at the end of the flame. We had to go. We're so late. So good man. Resume your thought midstream. Totally easily. Yeah, man. It's kind of like on pause since we went to the break. I just wanted to ask you because I know Flynn bringing up the muscle mass of a D shambo and how quickly it went on and do the thing that got me was He's driving a 40 yards further than he did three months ago. So all that being said What is that? My question is, what's the golf testing routine or protocol or whatever they test? They do They do..

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