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After this week's violent assault on the nation's capital michigan democrats say those behind the election. Misinformation that is believed to have sparked the violence must be held accountable. State padma coupon contents. The ransacking of the us capital is a sad reminder of april thirtieth when protesters with guns rated the michigan capital galleries and she believes this week's violence stems in part from extremists refusing to accept reality. The truth matters. Our elections are free fair and follow laws that are in place. Democrats are urging the michigan. Gop to oust co-chair candidate miss. Sean matic as well as for the resignation of officials who supported efforts to overturn the election. State representative darren. Camilla says that includes michelle and her husband. State rep map mattock. Who joined the dc protests. You should be censored and removed from office because we should not be serving people in our government who do not believe in our government in the first place. And it statement sean. Matic said the rally was intended to be peaceful and agreed that those who broke the law should be held accountable. Mary sherman reporting meantime. social justice. groups of west virginia are decrying a state delegates participation in the assault mountain state. Lawmakers are calling for the delegates removal from the legislature wearing a motorcycle helmet and shouting trump's name newly elected republican derek evans recorded his participation with pro trump supporters who stormed the capital gaining illegal entry and destroying property. State house minority leader. Doug skaff says house leaders are investigating evans actions. He points out. That wearing a helmet is one of many indicators. That evans was prepared to riot is conduct. It's just not through the standards of what. A legislator elected official the state of west virginia represents and we will be pushing forward to move him as soon as possible from his position as posted on twitter that he was in the nation's capital as an independent member of the media as of late thursday more than thirty three thousand people signed change dot org petition asking the state legislature to remove evans from his seat for going against the constitution and the rule of law. I'm diane bernard and eric ticket. Off reports those seeds of supporters of trump breaking windows breaching the capital shocked the nation this week but they're also reminiscent of protests in boise idaho in august protesters of a special session in idaho on covid. Nineteen safety measures. Shattered a glass door and rushed into the state capital. Some in the crowd were armed and included far-right anti-government activist and bundy head of the progressive group. United vision for idaho says the. Us capital attack in the boise protests are related on the same scale of course but very similar in tactic and that's the point right is to instill fear by voting violence and issuing threats is pms. A question of pennsylvania's state ballot in twenty nineteen proposing sweeping changes to the state constitution has been ruled unconstitutional itself by commonwealth court. The proposed amendment known as marci's law has been promoted as strengthening victims rights in criminal proceedings. It would implement complex changes to multiple in the constitution according to mary catherine roper with the u. of pennsylvania. The three two two ruling handed down thursday says the ballot question violates the constitutional requirement that voters must be able to consider changes to different sections of the constitution individually a legislature sent to the voters a list of fifteen new rights for victims that affect at least a dozen different parts of the constitution and in several key ways lessen the rights of defendants secretary of the commonwealth kathy book far and intervene representing the rights of victims in the case that thirty days to appeal the ruling to the pennsylvania. Supreme court. I'm andrea sears. Reporting the says you meant if adopted would tip the scales of justice even further against people who are accused of crimes in the wake of more than three thousand four hundred deaths. Twelve thousand cove infections academic at nursing homes advocates for older americans are pressing lawmakers there to better regulate the industry. Aarp connecticut is asking the legislatures nursing home and assisted living oversight group to consider a series of reforms and adore ghazi with aarp. Connecticut says nursing homes should not be allowed to ban technologies such as alexa. Were in room cameras that help families stay connected with their loved ones while visitation is restricted. If you can't go into a facility at this point probably have real concerns about is my loved one eating or drinking but somebody coming to check on them or are they getting their close changed. I'm suzanne potter among other things. Aarp connecticut is recommending nursing. Homes be required to have an adequate stockpiles of finally are ross. Brown tells us new mexico. Lawmakers will be asked to amend the states twenty nine hundred dollars gas act when the legislature convenes. That happens on january nineteenth. The proposed revision would prohibit the discharge of produced water the flow back from fracking known to contain dangerous chemicals and heavy metals toxic to humans. The legislation is in response to produced water fracking explosion. At a home. In the permian basin bill sponsor senator antoinette sadea lopez says the law if passed will require the state's oil conservation division. Do use the best available science for rules governing fracking. he'll minimize the use of freshwater in oil and gas drilling. And it's gonna make the discharge or the release of produced water illegal. I'm ross brown. This is why clifford. Thank you for wrapping up your week with public service member listener supported and online at public news service dot. Org it is. You'll latest weather from the heartland newsfeed weather center. They will be cloudy skies tonight. With a chance of flurries overnight wing conditions will come from the north at around ten miles per hour fuelled. Friday expect cloudy conditions with thompson. Flurries later turning into snow showers. Windy conditions to be expected with speeds as high as fifteen miles per hour high in the mid thirties. There will be a chance of flurries. Friday night heading into the weekend wind speed steady around ten miles per hour though in the mid twenties thirties. That's the latest twitter. Checkouts more news and weather on our website at heart and newsfeed dot com. Hey guys and gals welcome to liberty. What kinda aka electric liberty land episode number two ten. Before we get into the show. I wanted to tell you about a little program called the use program matthews van of our show. He reached out to me Expressing his love and affection as more of you should do honestly. But i want to tell you a little bit about his podcast which i checked out. I'm digging it mostly. Because matthew focuses on the financial side of things you know he gets into his own personal journey to financial freedom. Meanwhile he also touches on current econ economic principles. How they're gonna play it in your daily life and of course achieving that financial independence and freedom that we all are striving for as we get into twenty twenty one. That may be something that we need way more than we think because at anytime government might stop sending those checks you might get laid off. God knows what's going on in my business and my waste visits or anything else so check out the matthew specific program available anywhere. Your podcasts are heard. And of course you could fall matt on twitter parlor locals at matthew spo seedy s p o s. I i get into the show. Welcome to electrical liberty land here on the lions of liberty. Podcast your weekly shot of culture comedy and liberty.

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