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So that she could develop that sound so unnecessary it's an apology app for a year although these days with harvey weinstein and company maybe it's more necessary than ever before but what's is all about well adds who crisis for gaza and i respect her the journalists then and i've seen some of her stuff but my question is this number one why are you saying an app called sorry take you a year to do so the premise of the app as i understand it is this he download download the app it's a bit of a social network if you will so you can apologize and your friend for whatever wetherbee uh for being late to brunch conduct apparently and you can use to apologize to your friends in those you've committed wrongdoing they can choose whether or not to accept chart your apology or not now this reminds me lars do you remember the app called secret where you could post with just sort of be out there and people could be an obama nana misleading it was a john boehner did this lose interest it it it's about as interesting is sorry if you really want unfair and i apologize for bringing it up we were joking with your producer coral we had uh uh can fourth today about this app and some just hilarious cases where all the experience i have in the world i am not explain why this out needed to exist what she and whether this just a big pr stunt or actually think apple is going to be bible and people are going to download it you know me lars i like to download things before i talk about the this one i just kept but he this go an apology apps so you'll have this for the sole purpose of apologizing to people and you have to have arranged it ahead of time on that your friends all have it because otherwise you could just go on twitter or tax or facebook or snapshot and you know any of the rest of those and send an apology to somebody and say hey i'm really sorry that.

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