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These genes you don't need anymore and the and the on call who is in the side room just like eating a bowl eaten fucking popcorn. Just like look and just like this bitch, thanking the Pera. Geez. This bitch thanking the pair of jeans I'm out. I even tried to interrupt, but like the cut this part out. Okay. Let me just getting here on sorry. So sorry crew member. Let me grab this is my jeans. I don't know how to get mixed up with Charles's genius. But I'm gonna take these genes. I don't want you talking to my excuse me. Thank you, excuse me. Thank you Mary. I these these margins. I don't want you even talking to my jeans like they real people. These are my jeans. Okay, I'm gonna take this put in my corner that I do not want you to touch now. I gotta run a Rite Aid. And I gotta grab some shit. And and guess what my grab some shit. I don't even need bomb. A keep it in my fucking in a room right here, and you ain't gonna going here. Okay. Yeah. Extra shit like there's a bottle opener right here is in my bedroom. What a fuck a bottle opener. Remember more. Guess we'll know if I was crazy you probably his motherfucker goddamn bottle opener. You going to ask his bottle of Abe? Hey, this is if I was you, so why are you in his bedroom? Oh, no. I'm fucking bottle opener. How about that Mary condominium? What the fuck is wrong with you. I'm gonna keep this bottle opener next to my bed in case. I wanted to look empty bottle right here right here at the foot on my bed right here. We ain't getting rid of it. That's what we're doing. We keep in a right there. I used the guy bottle open open shit. And I got a right here. That's warm. It's fuck I'm gonna keep it here. I know fridge in here. And if I take and put it in a guy fridge, you ain't gonna get rid of it. And if you do you ain't gonna thank it because this my shit. You ain't gonna do Japanese white people shit over here and the cut that part out, and they film critics. I just let them let them go. Let them go. And then there's a black filmmaker. And and you know, what the fuck says man, you know, what the fuck. These mother fuckers doing. I know you got a job to do and you holding the camera, but you notice bitches crazy. Thank in these genes. Gimme my fucking, gene these mind, give me the belt. That's my two with the jeans. Give it give it to me. Don't talk to my belt, don't go on fucking room. Keeping shit this shit a mess. As walking up talking to cloven and shit. Thank you houses. Green hours for bitch. Konta fucking on my life, and he's in his bedroom. Just by himself condo fucking my life. Man. Brainwashing. These mother fuckers remember when we used to fucking just save bottlecaps. Man. We save stamps to get rid of that mother fucker with fuck. My purpose shorts. Go. Lineup in to find shit tidier. Tidy start this in is bitch. All right. Let's do. She tanking. I'll Manso funny thing. She she tanking. She greenhouse this already noticed was a bad idea. All right. We're gonna you know, we're going to do. An elder. It's been a while. It's been a long momentum. Tune Luneau baron. I own is that stained spin. It is stained is the most number..

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