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And i know that they're ranked number sixteen in the top twenty five poll but a team. That could maybe get to the college football playoff this year. Things break right for clay health and kid onslow us and the trojans my co host my regular co host ken barclay one of the best college football minds. Handicappers out there. Laki lacson likes another team in the pack. Twelve that inhabits the same city and state as usa and that is chip kelly and ucla like not a lock to potentially get there but a team that could exceed expectations with chip kelly right in. Dt are back at quarterback. We're gonna see ucla this weekend and zero against why an eighteen point favorite then taking on max johnson and lsu coming up a week number one. What about ucla. Both for the season and their games coming up in the next couple of weeks against hawaii. Lsu i could see it. I absolutely could see it. I've been writing about during thomson robinson. Today we take suggestions from readers for darkhorse heisman and the guy that's fifty to one relook potentially there but what is really interesting about this game in general is like this is a classic you know chip kelly hawaii over again and yet to me. It feels kind of an undertaking. These two teams defense jumped like forty to fifty places last year in terms of scoring. Defense i thought. Ucla was impressive on that. Front your group. Not feel like a normal chip kelly year and and yet i of get it. I think ultimately there's gotta be some more offense For them to do that The defensively again. This is the part that was missing. And if you look at the construction of teams in the pac twelve they got a shot. Because outside of and and and look as much as i say i like them. We don't know how this has gone for them. Okay this is like ticking georgia and the teams that again. I've been burned before. But outside of them and outside of oregon who really the affair i think washington to me has been a bit over hyped and i could be wrong on that. I'm not quite sure what to make about. Utah like arizona. State jim daniels of course. But i think yeah. Ucla does trying to figure that week. One game certainly. We're gonna lose learn a lot. Why todd graham is not that. I know that the jokes have been written. The guy bounced around quite a bit. This is a good higher for them so again week. One and then obviously we to with with lsu with with the number is pretty short shorter than a lot of people expect. It's not gonna take long. I figure out at ucla for real or not. I can't stress enough. How happy that makes me i am. I am a former bruin myself so hearing that that team actually has a chance to not just win but even just compete is something. I'll take at this point as a ucla guy but sticking with the pac twelve is they are the most intriguing big five conference. And the reason i asked that is it just seems like every single year that division that league has way more parody than all the other massive conferences and it seems like it's always to their detriment because they're never taken seriously team like usc or a team like utah that just never taken seriously when it comes down towards the end of the season because they have three extra losses tacked on. It's a it's a great way to look at it in that. I mean some of the most fun i had last year was watching oregon state like at night and betting on them and then showing pulse. And so what. I think we try to do. Is we're handicapping. This or as finance is understand..

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