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Transit. Good morning. I'm Steve Michael seventy seven WABC traffic, and it is not a pretty sight here. On cross Bronx expressway, it's been loaded up all morning long coming into the Alexander. Hamilton bridge is matter of fact, now the delay stretches just about back to the Bruckner. It's going to be creeping and crawling all the way out to the Alexander Hamilton bridge. Fortunately, the construction on the upper deck and the George Washington Bridge has been cleared, but it looks like we've got some construction right around one hundred seventy nine th street on the cross Bronx expressway, and we have real heavy delays on the Degan trying to get to the cross Bronx. It's bumper to bumper from Fordham road all the way down very heavy traffic. Remember only one lane is open on the ramp from the Degan to the cross the Bruckner south looking for delays coming into the major Deegan expressway. Let's go to queens where we are all jammed up on the west come. Into the we and there's only one lane open on the ramp from the southbound BQ Viki south very heavy all the way out to the shoes. Go bridge in Brooklyn, and in Brooklyn. Wow. What a mess we have here on the northbound traffic jam from the canal bridge all the way up to the Brooklyn Bridge over in New Jersey, we have route forty six is closed in through Morris county specifically in through while Roxbury that's closed both directions from hillside to Dell avenue everything shut down there with construction. It's forty degrees out there right now, I'm Steve Michael seventy seven WABC.

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