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The republicans tax overhaul stocks gave up some gains at the end of the trading week but steve bucknor says the dow jones industrial average only dipped a tenth of a percent while the standard poors 500 and the nasdaq composite lost less than a tenth it was the week of the big tax cut on wall street investors were gratified when congress fulfilled their yearlong expectations bypassing a fourteen percentage point reduction in the corporate tax rate and acting other business friendly changes to the tax code there was a bit of the by the rumor sell the fact phenomenon at mid week and stocks retreated somewhat following a strong monday upswing share prices recovered thursday before slipping slightly friday still for the week the dow's up fourtenths of a percent amid optimism about future profits the s p and nasdaq are higher by roughly a third of a percent for npr news i'm steve bucknor in england authorities are investigating the cause of a fire that broke out overnight at the london zoo more than seventy firefighters tackled the blaze at its height officials say it started in the animal adventure section television footage shows a badly damaged cafe in shop to officials say the zoo will remain closed until further notice in japan today thousands turned up at the imperial palace in tokyo to pay their respects to emperor akihito's marking his eighty four th birthday akihito spoke from a balcony the royal palace pledging to fulfill his duties until the day of his abdication which has been set for 2019 he plans to step down in favor of his eldest son this is.

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