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Although that peace is not an Indian classical work. It is constructed kind of like an Indian Raka. It has a slow setup a slow introductory movement known as an Alop followed by the actual composed. Melody that is played by the solo instrument or in this case instruments. Wish Mahanta is the composer in the sax player reservoirs e playing the electric guitar, Dan Weiss on the toddler, the drums and like an Indian Ragas it. It comes to cook careening to a breakneck conclusion with all of the instrumentalists ending together on the the one the the first beat then what we just heard were the opening two tracks of this record by rich Mahanta company, the opening movement called Alop, and then that second part called snap. So even though it's not an authentic Ragas certain. Finally, it is it has echoes of that format in that performance practice from an album called agreement which apparently is Sam script for next or following. And it is a record from redress Mahanta and his Indo-Pak coalition all based here in New York. And the first of a number of pieces were hearing on this edition of new sounds that is based on classical forms from other parts of the world. In a moment. We'll hear some music that looks to the the classical Arab music northern Africa. In fact, will hear some of the real thing from uncle, but also some music from the Norwegian musician yawn Balka and his collaboration with the Moroccan singer Amina Alawi, so stay with us for that. I'm John Shafer. And you're listening to new sounds when you.

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