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The it is it is the you you you you didn't mean free and ladies and gentlemen Mister Jerry reed doing when I found you from nineteen fifty six on Capitol Records old cherry read one of my all time favorites brands that was so wild rockabilly right there before that Willis doing pink Cadillac from nineteen fifty six wanted Laennec records and start off with Mister Eddie ball into the rock a Billy king of Memphis doing Rockin Daddy from nineteen fifty six three records you're listening to coffee county who Danny I'm professor Michael take only only Hey there I'm with you each week at this same time Sunday afternoons at four AM Monday mornings at ten only on W. M. S. R. thunder radio your radio hub for coffee county well can I squeeze into more tracks we're gonna try to France one of my all time favorites Mister Johnny powers this song me and my rhythm guitar right here on the Danny.

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