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A series goes on because this feast on squad even without Chris ball or more than capable of sweeping his clever squad. If they're not able to wake up here and tried to stop this man devon booker from scoring yet. Another forty point game but overall I think Some things take away from some good things to take away from the sunset side of things. I mean you high-grade production from campaign who Is the backup for chris. Paul five ten from the field one a forfeit three point land eleven points nine assists three rebounds so a stellar game from campaign company. Jae crowder was able to give. Thirteen point smells richards. Zabel to fourteen points so as long as you know these guys are able to get a going Things sons are good hands than excuse me when you look at the positives from the clippers side of things. I mean i'd say the one thing positively is that you've got some great production from your bench. Odd demarcus cousins of kazoo zubec- on came out in combined with twenty points But overall you know Tears mannino from having thirty nine point game versatile jazz. It ain't going to things in having a nine point game. I'm going to hold them accountable. In that instance because You can't just have you know as as a ex-swimmer my coach told me whenever i had no good racer of pr race where You know did something that I thought i wouldn't do. He held me accountable for the next race. So let's say let's say. I swim the one hundred yard freestyle in a typical Good time for one hundred yard freestyle. Let's say midseason freestyle would be under fifty seconds and let's say a one meet get a one hundred freecell and then the next meet. I go fifty four seconds. One hundred feet sow. I'm for my people out there that don't know how many laps one hundred dollars sets four laps. Short course two laps. Long course i'm talking about shore course in this incense anyways. My coach would hold me accountable. Say you really set a pr. One week in the next week you gained five seconds and in a sprint. Dot rarely shouldn't happen. I mean five seconds. It's like twenty seconds this rate. I mean it is. It is a margin of error out there. And with this. I mean there was a huge margin of error at terrence man's game. I mean he didn't have nearly as much confidence as he did Last game with the utah jazz with his. You know he's going to have to be called upon again only with the nursing but games. Three and floors. Well if they don't work is clippers squad doesn't When game two nil games tuned three and four will be crucial on their home court. So with this In my prediction with game twos at i think that The figs andrei to go up to own this series. In this instance. Too many times players were to go down to zero and then they come back. Miraculously i think this is one though series. I think that one. I think that's being sons will win this game. But i think that the clippers wo win this series when it comes down to it so with that in the next in the final series in this playoffs on those weird to say there are only two series and the playoffs. Now talking about you know for eight series of day And looking at this milwaukee bucks vs. Linda hawks series of what to expect with game one on game. One wool be or Yeah game one won't be Shown on wednesday june. Twenty third With this a game on won't be ima walkie between these two teams With this and just some Just look at both Teams and team leaders isn't that on her Season leaders in scoring on the kupa with twenty eight points on trae young with twenty five points rebounds cappella fourteen rebounds. Jonah's eleven that assist drew holiday with six trae young would nine on some injury on the injury report. cameras is listed as out on bouillon by donna. Vich listed today today And then jordan For the milwaukee bucks is out as well so looking at this and predicting happened game. One without in the series I think that both of these teams are red hot. I think both teams are competent. You know excited this and that looking at the lenhof side things. Obviously you have won the best youngest stars in this league under the age of twenty five and trae young He's a seems to be getting better as each series moves on With the new york series. Endure nick series. You know they were able to close out the nixon five games And with the sixers series. No doubt went to seven games on compared to nick fury to went to five games This hawks team like from trae young to kevin herder to john collins and company. Capella lou williams. Do gal nari. All these guys are getting better and are creating more chemistry as a playoffs. Go on with the milwaukee bucks however I wouldn't say that their team chemistry is getting better. Necessarily i just think that Then themselves as players whether that was the last series. Chris middleton drew holiday. Pg tucker brook lopez pack cotton brent byron forbes whatever. I think that some of these guys are now trying to feel for the game. Whether that was john is not selling for jump shots. Three point shots in the last series of broken and attacking a lot more. Whether that was you know. Chris middleton time to take more shots and be more aggressive like janas. Or whether that was you know Jrue holiday trying to distribute the ball of more and attack from time-to-time so with this Both these teams are greg going forward. But if i had to choose one team one team to advance from the eastern conference finals milwaukee bucks the milwaukee bucks are by far sharper semen basketball right now. They are probably the healthiest team bath. While right now with none of their star players getting injured like a yazd grit molten drew holiday cetera. I think that this team has to favorite to win the title and with the atlanta hawks. Same thing Go with the sixers you go in you know a as a major major underdog according to espn's basketball power index. The milwaukee bucks are seventy one point one percent favorite over the atlanta hawks who are a a twenty point nine percent underdog so all Like i said. I think that milwaukee bucks are going to win this series. But don't see it onto hawks by any means necessary. I don't think that this would be a sweep or blow up any means but You know this team the hawks that is they're young. They're competent wide eyed so be on the lookout for the team because you know the worst thing for You know inexperienced to go up against as a young team with nothing No elsa proof and hawks dispenses because the autopsy easson the philadelphia seventy sixers and then they beat the new york knicks and five game so give credit where credit is due for a naked mcmillan. His coaching staff. You know getting The job called upon a late in the season or midseason. What have you and megan. This team a Eastern conference finals team is someone. I applaud my hat to Your ago You know neko got trucked from the play offs and now he's in eastern conference finals so.

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