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We do not let people advertise on this show unless, Doug can give them the Doug Hopkins seal of approval. That's it exactly. Ambuhl just-in-time, moving and seamless flooring have actually they're, they're the ones that got it. That's it's the ones I use. That's what I move. I use nothing. But just in time. And when I use flooring I used Joe. So it's awesome. Just referred him out. Awesome gentlemen, Gary Howard, tan good friend of mine in Ijaz redid their house. We're actually yesterday. We went over to Gary, south actually helped move furniture. It back into the house from after Joe is does Joe goes the extra mile. That's what I love about, you know, about the guys, I work with is they go that extra mile to help help their clients out at how I got roped back into it. But somehow, Joe wrote me. He didn't say what I say when you asked me if I could help somebody move. Yeah. You said, absolutely. Not. Oh, we're walking I go here. What are you doing? I'm getting ready to help somebody move you on help him like ni-, actually. I prefer not thanks. Exactly. Dylan. Dylan. Help me the other day one who helped me carry the stuff out. So, but that's what we do for our clients and and Joe's very similar. That's why like work with him. So anyway, enough about Joey gave him way too much airtime. The budget plan, bro. He gave you gave him the X L plant, exactly. Okay. So now there's a an event going on. You wanted to tell people about a cool event that's going to be happening. I'll have more details. Online on the on Facebook on our Facebook page, Doug Hopkins real estate, which is on Facebook, but the boot camp going on the thirteenth fourteenth and fifteenth. So it's Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Vika is just going to be like a happy hour, meet meet and greet on Fridays camp. I like that. Yeah. Yeah. Saturday and Sunday will be will be a you know, it's going to be an all day thing nine two six both Saturday and Sunday. And it's for mindset training, it's people that want to get into real estate, that don't have any, any idea, you know, about real estate, but they wanna go out and, and learn how to do it. They put together this company. I work with there. It's not my company. It's a company. I work with and you know what they do is teach people, how to go out and find find real estate and investment homes and they train you. You on what to do where to go. They have unbelievable software that you can follow this an app on your phone, and it'll show you what houses to go to and that, that, you know, you have a very good chance of buying, and it's just a really good company, and it's also personal growth. So it's not only teaching about real estate, but also personal growth. And they're looking to hire, they wanna hired the people that come in, and, and, and, and go to this event. So it's going to be really, really cool event. We're gonna put the link on, on it on our Facebook page, and for, for those of you that are, that are looking might want to attend are interested in learning a little bit more about real estate and a little bit wanted to do some personal growth as well. All right. Go to Doug Hopkins real estate at Facebook and get more information on net last week. We're talking about Airbnb rentals, and what a great idea was to make some good money if you do it on a per month basis, and I actually read here in the valley. Seventy three percent occupancy rate of Airbnb, and that's Monday through Sunday. Well, that's, that's like for the month, and there's like over there's tens of thousands of these that are out there. We talked about that one earlier that, that, that house that, that got destroyed. Oh, you mean this one right here? Ripped it off the wall cracked it split up, and it's, it's pretty intense brehme's. There is absolutely no party when it comes to picking up the pieces this full of my shirts. It's pretty empty. Now, Airbnb agreement Charlie offered his house to only seven..

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