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I do I get it? All right there with you saw him outside and there's. A plane or something going over and by the way. and. My dedication to that is it's so strong as we were talking earlier bird flu in my house and was like. My kitchen and then finally made its way out and I didn't even pull my attention from you, but I was watching this. Know. What is my feathers? Ross when you went through. Significant break up as you mentioned a couple years ago, ten years is is a really long time. What was your? Bounceback method and did evolve therapy. Is there like a spiritual practice in your life? It was so yeah we were in a relationship Salvadoran night for ten years, and we're still great friends, you know. We ended that relationship in. We had to do the work to maintain a friendship in a deep friendship, and so we're really really good. I just talk to me of the day and when I was on tour with the book, he actually stayed in watch the dogs at my house. My process was. I felt like I really processed it before it happened. You know it was one of those things you could see coming so that sad about that for a long time. And, then when it was done, it was like the new normal. It was like getting a new pair of shoes you know and there are a lot of calluses, and there were a lot a lot of blisters in pain and everything And then I got into something really quickly, and that was fine, and but that ended and then but that was nice. It was almost like just jumping in the pool. And then I've just spent some time really just dating and learning about myself and realizing like Oh. That's not a quality that is appealing to me. I think I need more of this and I it's. And a very superficial kind of way. It's like window shopping you know and and. I have the luxury of really sort of. Knowing what I want and I think so many people get stock in earth in early relationships in I. Don't know if they have kids. They have something, or they have circumstance or whatever they can never get. Not picky. Is the word selective and I think now that I I know myself so well. This age I know what my shortcomings are I. Know What my strengths are. That I can. I can find the thing that's going to stick around for a long time. I hope. And for listeners who want to slide into your DM's? What are you looking for? What are the qualifiers? Funny people gotTa Be Funny I. Don't know that's most important. Kind kind of good. This Salvador was funny. These kind you know. That's important. I don't know it'd be interesting. I can do something that you come home the today and That's riveting. Tell me about it have an interesting thought. You know. What about what about children? I always thought. I WanNa get I. Always did I always known that I've had kids by the time. I have them by the time I'm thirty five and I'll be forty one in September so I don't know that that's happening. I don't know. It would have to be a real fast forward. I think. In the meantime you got those three babies. Now. Do you guys have kids? No kids one dog. Saying I don't WanNa, look you know I feel like. Will I regret it when I look back that I didn't experience? That does not A. Maybe I. Don't even know what I don't even know. You know that about how powerful it is. But then I have a friend. Who has kids that he was like? Don't do it. Don't do it. So I think the really rough right now. Yeah, I think it doesn't burn inside of you. Then, it's kind of not worth pursuing. Yeah. For friends who so much re s and you have do so much in normal life and I think friends who have small kids especially right now are probably going to scare you off from it if you talk to them about their experience, but. revisit the idea after I know. I just pictured like you know old and Thanksgiving in like thirty year old comes home with their. Has Been or something they would not be fine, but then I just think, but I'd rather spend that money and. Go to Thailand and good gotTA. Iceland every travel everywhere. What is there is always the possibility of the punky brewster moment you know, thank you for the baby. boomers get a call. My distant relatives left me their baby, and the will and I'm Diane Keaton like I'm going to. Write these things frequently happened? So leave yourself. Open A bed. Express, thank you. And who knows if you maybe have fathered a child that you have the ten year? Olds GonNA show up on your door. Ya, that's probably happened. Variable what is the thing you're most excited to do when this is all over? I'm excited to see my mom. That's what I'm really tired about. and I'm excited to Excuse me to just to have a lazy day in Palm Springs WanNa. Walk in wave. That's what I wanted just WanNa feel. Better I think it's. Everything we take for granted a little bit like I. Don't know that we'll ever take.

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