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The suit had been filed by a group of restaurant owners back in December, when county executive Mark L. Rich shutdown indoor dining amid a spike in Corona virus cases at the time Judge James Bond if it declined to block the band, But he promised to revisit the issue Now, with restaurants re opening a 25% capacity as of Sunday, the plane of the asked for and received a dismissal. Montgomery was the last jurisdiction in the region to lift its ban on indoor dining. John Matthews on W. O M. A Island. W M A. L com members of the Capitol Police expected to take a no confidence vote more than a month after the unrest, claiming leadership failed them. The Capitol Police union says officers have no choice but to take a no confidence vote against acting chief Yogi Ananda Pittman, Acting assistant chief John Gallagher, as well as three deputy chiefs. In testimony before Congress, Pittman said the force was warned about militia groups ahead of the January 6 attack. Capitol Police released a statement Wednesday saying the force is taking steps to improve intelligence communication. It is also providing counseling for officers. Rachel Sutherland Fox is religious groups unhappy that Fairfax County may not give kids off for religious holidays because of pandemic learning laws, a task force recommended giving kids and Fairfax County public schools off for four religious holidays. But now the school system's considering delaying that, Superintendent Dr Scott Bray Brown said at a meeting last week. Really trying to balance religious equity on one hand with pandemic equity on the other, The Washington Post reports, leaders of multiple religious institutions wrote in a letter to the school system that posing it is a choice between academic and religious equity is quote Ah falls and reckless binary Heather Curtis Sandoval. You Emma Allen W. Imelda calm whose Silver Spring brothers facing criminal charges after one pretended to stab the other brothers. That this problem up in their house, they had their family members believing that one had been stabbed. So when the officer arrived, is a very chaotic scene, 21 year old Dennis and Gene and his 19 year old brother, Pierre pretended have been fighting in the home and white oak all for his social media prank. Montgomery County police Sergeant Rebecca in a sent a one of the brothers who was pretending to be injured, sat up that this is all a hoax. I'm really okay and this is proper Lud. Most brothers are now facing very real. Criminal charges. Barbara Breath W M A. L and W m a l dot com Wall Street This noon the Dow was down 15, the S and P. 500 up five, the NASDAQ up 60 double drama, L traffic and weather. Next Diana Ross grew up in the projects of Detroit, where he signed with Motown Records and conquered the charts with 12 Number one hit as the lead singer of the Supremes on her own. She earned six more number ones and performed an.

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