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And he stuck at home with the entire family during this corona virus epidemic my friend Mr Ryan eagle I don't I Hey what's up mac man thirty years ago thirty year anniversary of you in a meeting for the first time what's it really on this particular day how do you know that I believe that I met you at WFAN radio ride around this time three years ago because I graduated on may the twelfth I started on may the fifteenth and you were in for some reason my first week of work okay hi all I believe yeah I'm just I didn't know that and you can't fight me on it I know I'll take it while I could find your goal no not collected two days from now I remember the exact date but then I'd be lying to you and the people and I try not to do that but damn we've known each other long time right now but if you're still a young man named neither one of these young anymore I listen I listen you're stunned do games and I go damn I am told which means that makes me even older damn it we are all through it's good to hear your voice brother how you get through this well I'll always go everything is been great on this and very unexpected family time which has been nice and just turn the battery off a little bit by getting antsy like everybody else he would love to have live sports back were seen things starting to maybe shifts but when you get a little bit of optimism it sometimes is backed up by a little more realism so I'm just trying to stay patient and try to remain positive and optimistic that we're gonna get back to some form of normalcy you and I have not had a chance to talk for a couple months and specifically since fourth world shut down how to put it when you found out the DNC eight point was going to be canceled I've known you forever I go back to thirty years ago when we met at bay and then I understand it never watched and listened and loved your entire career and you've done a lot of different things but between you and I I think I may enjoy you most doing college basketball as part of CBS's coverage of the tournament now I know you much better than that but I'm just giving you an honest appraisal for me is eight in taking sports fan I I missed it terribly and its not even anywhere near as big a part of my life as it is yours what was that like for you yeah you know Jodie mac guy I think at the time that that it happened when he announced that took place on a personal level I was trying to get some things sorted out my wife was in Australia visiting my daughter who was studying abroad my son was in LA so my priorities were very much focused on getting everybody together and getting everybody in the same place and I think I talked to when he my feelings on the NCAA tournament because I was dealing with the here and now we have a couple of months having passed and obviously everybody going through the full emotional scale open spectrum realize that there's a void that has been such a big part of my broadcast live for twenty three years two in the NCAA tournament the preparation telling those stories channeling all my energy in that week to two weeks period depending upon how many rounds and I work towards that event and it's yeah it's unfortunate that it went down that way those kids are never going to be able to get that moment back and part of the reason why I enjoy working that particular event so much is that the stories change every year it's a new set of players and it's a new set of narratives and storylines and they live forever you remember March madness euros for ever and ever and it is not always the guys are going to have incredible success in the NBA and sometimes the best stories are the ones that you know this is the highest level they're ever going to play at so yeah it's it's it's really unfortunate more than anything else but you understand the big picture that so this is where we are in the hope is we can get back to where we work yeah one one is that you have said rang so true for me that March memories March madness memories last forever would people even know if they weren't of our age where Valparaiso is but because of March madness memories we all know well Valparaiso is if not yeah we might think of the dog food or something along those lines and how we say it is a Valparaiso Roosevelt plaza always it couldn't Jagga is it comes on and these are burning questions during the month of March you're right price euro Homer drew that moment that's the first year I did the term attend rob what on the call that was nineteen ninety eight my first year doing the tournament for C. B. S. and that is by far the distinct memory that will stick with me from that year's turn of my games I was out in Sacramento that year and we didn't have anything of real note everyone was there Arizona was the defending champions they were there was a different Arizona squad not quite the same group Illinois was out there Illinois state was out there Utah state Nicholls state so there you go nineteen ninety eight I still remember all the teams that were in it because it's such an indelible part of my career stays in one's memory I. eagle CBS is broadcaster for the big dance but also an apparel and TNT's NBA coverage of the way to the net in New York let me give it to the NBA with you I figured I'd put you up at this hour tonight because an hour from now actually more like fifteen minutes the final two episodes of the last dance the on going ten episode choirs I documentary and I told is not a true documentary but applies a documentary on the bold and basically Michael Jordan how much have you enjoyed it I've enjoyed it a lot I think like everybody else to take a trip in time machine how to see the video to see the behind the scenes footage of your memories from that time I started in the NBA in nineteen ninety four so that year that I began I just assume well I'm never going to do any Michael Jordan game she was playing baseball he was retired he ended up coming back that season loss to the magic in the playoffs and then the next year of course set off the next three P. I don't wanna ruin anything for anyone that's watching we know the kind of run that he went on and then had another chapter with the Washington wizards and that had some injury to it as well so I ended up getting a fair share of Jordan games through the years and there was always this this channel intensity when you walked in the arena and you knew he was playing because it was gonna be packed there was gonna be a lot of anticipation and certainly in his heyday your thought maybe you see something that you've never seen before and there was just a variety of electricity that he brought the thing is and I was fortunate that I got to meet him a few times Michael Coren my nets radio analyst my first year I did radio the next year I moved to TV Mike was a star at North Carolina and he was Michael Jordan's host for his recruiting visit his official recruiting visit that so he and Michael were very close they have that tar heel connection and he would bring me all those rooms you saw in the back at United center Michael Korn would bring me back there so yeah yeah come on we will go see Michael and Michael just like the boss chops and I remember one one of the night so we walked in there it was introduced mutual respect what so you're the guy who carries this guy one to be one of the guys in many ways but let you know who's boss and he he could not have been any nicer and and more magnanimous in those moments I think there was a real on there based on their love of dean Smith and their love of North Carolina and doing talk shows in New York for all those years I certainly the bulls were a very hated squad in the city of New York sure it mostly because of what they did to the Knicks in the playoffs they did get a one time that Michael wasn't available but how many times the bulls ousted make the playoffs I had almost forgotten the next pay the price to they got picked up by the bulls play B. as well usually a round or two earlier but the the Napster whether they be in Jersey whichever arena they were playing in they felt a raft of Michael Jordan almost went to the next yeah first playoff game that I ever did that was not the international broadcast because I had done in the NBA finals in fact it was another personal connection for me I did two of the finals that he played in all the world feat so the whole Seattle SuperSonics series and then the one you're going to see you later on tonight the bulls and the Utah Jazz the Brian Russell game I was doing that game for the international broadcast but the nineteen ninety eight playoffs next symbols on that that was my first taste of local playoff action and the next play them tough they should have won game one they let that one slip away they hung around in game two and then you could just feel it second half of game three that they just didn't have anything left in the tank in the polls I just had this this presence about them with Jordan and that night in the middle and was still packed because Jordan was then there was M. J. and the nets could not pack the place all that often they packed it every time I was Michael Jordan they just reviewed that series the last episode and yes you're right the first game was competitive and if Michael decided he's Michael and that was pretty much it for the next I doubt let's dance in a head to twenty twenty are you are the voice of the nets on the yes network are you how often do you speak to someone from the organization just to shoot the breeze see where the team is that see where the league is that is it don't call us we'll call you because we don't really have answers so we're all in a hold mode how does the voice of the team get information about where his team sits in a league that is suspended well we have a group chat text gene with all of us that work on the next telecast so we're in constant communication almost on a daily basis with that but that's really more because of friendship and less the professional side I would say it's probably more of the former I will let you know when there's some news and until that point it's all speculation and it's all conjecture I think the NBA has looked at every possible option everything that you've heard all the rumors have been true they've all been on the table the league wants to continue they want to resume there's a financial part of this obviously that could set back the leak if they don't get back to playing games but I think also they want to crown a champion and deep down they also know that lebron James has a finite number of years to actually go and win a championship for his place in history for the ten part series that ESPN is gonna do twenty years from now and they need to one of the chapters and twenty twenty is part of it so there is motivation but they're not gonna do anything rash and they're not gonna do anything to jeopardize their players and their staff members I do think if the NBA does resume others a very good chance that broadcasters would not be part of the bubble set up where they would be in a location somewhere else a remote location a studio location calling off the monitor and it's something I've done I've done in my career I've done it for NBA finals the one that I mention to you I was on site but I did the Miami San Antonio series the big ray Allen shot and I did that from a studio in Secaucus on the big screen managers are hard call call the games are called world basketball championships all the screen in the studio I've called tennis matches I've called golf off the screen it's doable it's feasible is it the best so of course not but if it means that we have games I'd be more than happy to call it from a studio with a headset on and try to do my best to make it feel like you're there at the gate.

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