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65 years old and older At CBS correspondent Scott McFarland transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg says America faces a crisis on its roads The FDA has authorized the COVID booster shot from Pfizer for healthy kids starting at age 5 the CDC still has to sign off CBS neo's medical contributor doctor David agus says the decision to boost will be left up to the parents This is the last group in the United States that had yet to be eligible for a booster And Pfizer filed their data at the end of April showing that a booster shot in this age group 5 months plus after completion of the second shot raised antibody levels 36 times Pfizer's shot is the only COVID vaccine available for children of any age in the U.S. those ages 5 to 11 receive one third of the dose given to everyone 12 and older Meantime the FDA and Abbott have reached an agreement aimed at easing the nationwide baby formula shortage The deal lets Abbott restart production at its factory in Michigan that was shut down over safety concerns in February Abbott says after it starts production again it will take 6 to 8 weeks before new products hit the shelves Could the president enact the defense production act to help with the shortage Yeah sure it could be used to force companies or compel companies to help produce baby formula But the question is might it take them just as long to get up and running in time to safely produce this formula And so at this point while they maintain it as an option it's unclear that a flip could really get switched and suddenly formula would be on the shelves soon CBS News senior White House correspondent Ed O'Keeffe Coming up on WTO after trafficking whether President Biden declares hate and fear are being given too much oxygen following the deadly racist attack in Buffalo over the weekend We'll talk with CBS White House correspondent Nancy cordes It's two 36 Hi this is Dave frosted writing as much as I do for WTO P dot com I need Internet at home that won't slow me down past my deadline What's it like having supersonic Wi-Fi from Xfinity Well it's fast like ready for major gig speeds fast like picking up which wine kippy and Buffy are gonna have at the Virginia tailgate fast and it has the power to connect hundreds of devices at once so you can clone yourself 127 times and.

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