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There. Barry McGee the unexpected. The unexpected. The unexpected. Now here's your host why it talks and just the facts. Ma'am and episode of Dragnet starring Jack Webb from sixty six years ago January twenty six nineteen fifty. Four up big. Thanks for tuning in on this Sunday. Twenty Sixty of January twenty sixth day of Twenty nine thousand three hundred forty days remaining until we get to twenty twenty one. I was on this date in eighteen. Thirty Seven Michigan admitted as the Twenty Six state of the Union Tennessee. Enacting the first prohibition on the US in eighteen thirty eight and eighteen forty one the UK formerly occupied Hong Kong which China China later formally succeeded. China yeah It was in eighteen. Sixty one the state of Louisiana seceded from the Union Glenn. Curtiss flew the first successful seaplane in nineteen eleven and in one thousand nine eleven. Also Richard Strauss's opera the Rosenkavalier received its debut performance at the Dresden State Opera former former Ford Motor Company executive Henry Leland Launched Lincoln Motor Company in one thousand nine hundred ninety. He later sold that to his former employer. The Apollo Theater reopened in Harlem on this date in one thousand nine thirty four and in one thousand nine hundred sixty one president Kennedy appointed Janet G TRAVEL TO POSITION..

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